I am Back to Blogging – Happy New Year 2018

I am back! After taking a year off to finish writing my book I am finally back to updating this blog and writing articles for my online magazine, The Healthy Moms Magazine.

My manuscript is complete and it is currently going through the editing process. I  will let all of you know when it will be published as soon as I can. I am excited, relieved and nervous about getting my first book published. If it is a success there will be more to come.

What have we been up to this past year? I decided to start 2018 with a fresh new look here. If you have our old button on your website please update it. I have a new code on my side bar. The kids are a year older and a year taller. Chris and I are still happily married and very active in our church. He officially became a Catholic last Easter.

2017 Year in Review from the Zoo

I started working part time for a merchandising company called Select A Service (SAS). I work Monday-Wednesday. This has helped pay for Kitty’s music lessons, the grocery bill and Monkey’s sports fees. I didn’t make any money writing my book so I had to do something until it gets published.

At SAS we visit a local grocery store chain and reset all the merchandise. Basically we move the products around, move shelves if necessary, take out the discontinued merchandise and put out the new merchandise. We are on teams of about 5-8 people and visit the same stores every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My Monday store is in the same town that I live in. I have to travel about 15-20 minutes to the other two stores.

I will be honest, I don’t like my job. It is hard work and requires a lot of physical labor. We lift boxes, move heavy shelves, are on our feet all day and I feel like I had a good workout after I get home. Usually I am really sore. My lower back hurts and my legs and feet always hurt. Also, we don’t get paid much, eleven dollars an hour to be exact. I have a college degree but I am not using it and I am not making nearly enough to pay off my student loans. But I am not a best selling author yet, so I must work.

Chris lost his job once again back in October. This is not the first time since we have been married so I am used to it. We are struggling, but we know what we need to do to make things work. I pray every day that he finds another job.

Goose is turning 21 next month. I can’t believe that I will be a mother of a 21-year-old. I remember turning 21 just like it was yesterday. I went out with my college friends to a local bar and everyone was buying drinks for me. When I got back to my apartment I think I threw up on the sidewalk. We have different plans for our daughter.

There is a sports bar a few blocks away from where we live that Chris and I frequent. We love the atmosphere, their chicken wings, and specials. We are hoping to take her there. I am sure I will devote a complete blog post to her birthday when the time comes.

Goose is also finally starting college in a couple of weeks. When she graduated high-school in 2015 she wasn’t ready. She had no idea how to even begin the process of applying and getting accepted to college. She had a job and was happy. This past year we met a lady who works with young adults that struggle with doing basic adult things.  She helps them find jobs, get into college, find housing and become more independent. This has been the best thing for Goose and finally she has the motivation to do something with her life.

She will continue to live at home and attend the local community college. As long as Chris isn’t working he will be able to provide transportation for her. I am so proud and excited for my girl.

Kitty had a rough year last year. She was bullied in fifth grade and we thought that entering a new school for sixth would give her a fresh start and she could finally begin making friends. The start of the new school year brought about more challenges for her.  She was caught searching on Google for ways to kill herself at school and had to attend a hospitalization day program for three weeks. There she learned how to build up her confidence and self esteem so that she no longer had suicidal thoughts. She is doing much better now thanks to prayers from family and friends and that wonderful program. I am still hoping that she can make more friends this year.

Parrot is have a fantastic school year. He loves fifth grade and his class.  All the kids are very kind and even laugh at his unique sense of humor. Parrot was in the holiday musical in December. They put on “Holiday Road Trip.” It was about a group of kids that travel around the country in a bus driven by Nick, a Santa-like character. They learn about how the different states celebrate Christmas.

Parrot was one of the holiday travelers and he had a signing solo. He was so excited about this play and he did a fabulous job. This mama is very proud.

Monkey had had a busy year. Football ended in October. His team won three games and lost six. They started out rocky, but at the end of the season they managed to pull it back together and win. Monkey played a couple of different defensive positions and ended the season with a good amount of tackles.

We signed Monkey up for wrestling for the first time this year.  He had one tournament so far and got first place. My brother was a star wrestler back in high-school and I think little Monkey is going to take after him. He loves wrestling and seems to have a natural ability.

Bear had a rough year and he continues to challenge Chris and I every single day. In November we had him evaluated for autism but we are still waiting for the results. We were hoping to have some answers by his birthday, but here we are in January and we still don’t know for sure.

Bear struggles with controlling his temper and we are having a hard time figuring out how to help him.  He gets upset if he doesn’t have the right bowl for his cereal in the morning, he yells if Parrot won’t let him in his room or if he won’t play with him, he kick and screams at school if he doesn’t get his way and Chris and I are about to lose our minds.

Parrot showed similar behaviors when he was that age, but he wasn’t physically violent like Bear is. Parrot used to throw his shoes at people in school but he didn’t kick, hit, pull hair or physically hurt people like his little brother does.

We did have a therapist for Bear but the clinic had to let him go because they claimed that his issues were too severe for their services. In other words they couldn’t help him. I am hoping that once we get his official diagnosis we can get referred to a clinic that takes our insurance and is able to help him.

Glenda has been doing well. However, about a month ago she got very sick and was throwing up multiple times. Goose and I took her to the vet and we found out that she wasn’t digesting her food very well and it caused severe constipation. She also had a small infection in her lungs that required an antibiotic. Now she is on a prescription diet to prevent the constipation. When Glenda is blocked up she has trouble breathing and she throws up. It is not pretty. With this new diet she is doing much better. And I am getting a good deal ordering her food through Chewy.com. I love that site!

This was our year in a nutshell. 2018 should be exciting for the Talbert Zoo. I am turning 40 in May, hopefully Chris will find a new job, I will publish my book, Goose is going to school, Kitty will finish sixth grade, Parrot will start middle school in the fall, Monkey will continue to improve in athletics, Bear will finally get the help that he needs, and Glenda will continue to entertain us all and be happy and healthy.

Here’s to 2018!! How was your year? Please leave me a comment.

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