Friday Funny – #BlogHop #Linkup – More Kitty Humor

I am going to continue to post this each week and include a #linky. I am remaining positive that maybe, hopefully someday I might get one or two readers to link up to their blog on Friday Funny. Persistence always works, right? What is the saying, “Never Give Up!” I am never giving up on my #FridayFunny blog hop. Someday it is going to be huge! Someday I will have hundreds of bloggers join in, post their funniest image or blog about a joke or something that their kids said or did that was funny and then return to and link up. We are all going to be great friends and blogging buds. I will get hundreds of links and comments on my Friday Funny posts each week. It will be a blast and I will be a blogging hero!

Friday Funny is going to be a hit and my readers and fans here at The Talbert Zoo will surpass, no make that quadruple the following of my other blog, The Healthy Moms Magazine. Readers will flock over to this site each Friday to read my latest joke and learn more about what my silly little kids did over the past week.  Yes, this is going to be the biggest most popular blog hop ever! So you better link up to your blog today so you can join in on the fun.

The rules of this blog hop (and they are ever changing so I can get links here!) are as follows:

  • Read my Friday Funny blog post every Friday. I will try my best to get it up by 12:00 noon PST every Friday.  
  • Laugh hysterically after you read it. 
  • Link up to your funniest blog post from the past week, your favorite blog post from the past week, or the post that you wrote today.  
  • Leave me a comment.   
  • Share my Friday Funny button on your blog so I know you will be joining me every Friday.

Okay now for a little Kitty Humor.

Kitty is having a friend over this evening. They have a half a day of school today and her friend thought that she was going to ride the bus home from school with Kitty. But it turns out my daughter has an appointment with her therapist this afternoon. Chris and I were worried that her friend would come home on the bus with her anyway.  We don’t have her friend’s phone number.

Yesterday, when I was on my way to pick up Goose from school with a van load of the four little ones, Kitty asked if she could play with my phone. I let her.

We were about half way there and I heard her talking to someone on my phone. She had it on speaker, too.  It was her friend, whom she has invited over.  I was shocked to learn that Kitty had her friend’s phone number memorized but she does not know our phone number.

I got the chance to talk to her friend’s mom, well sort of.  I was driving and Kitty was in the back seat with my phone. I literally yelled to the back of the van in order to talk to her friend’s mother. I guess you should have been there. I probably sounded like a fool!  But at least now I know that her friend isn’t coming over until after Kitty gets home from her appointment.

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