#WordlessWednesday with #linky on a Tuesday – The Lost Tooth

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Today is the last day of summer vacation and it’s already been a crazy one.  This morning Monkey came up to me and told me that his tooth was really loose. When I looked into his mouth I noticed that it was bleeding and the tooth was barely hanging on. I only wiggled it a little because I was afraid of hurting him. So I told him to go tell Kitty because she is good at pulling out loose teeth.

Sure enough, his older sister came through. She wiggled Monkey’s tooth a little more and told him to push on it. He did and it came out.  This is the first time he’s lost a tooth. The tooth fairy is coming tonight. How much money does your kid’s tooth fairy leave?

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I am so sorry that I haven’t been commenting on your blogs as much as I usually do. I still have my feed reader, but I lack the time to comment as I used to. I am still struggling with time management. It is especially difficult when the kids are home for the summer. I save all my comments in my e mail so I am able to reply and comment back when I get the free time. My kids start school on August 26. I will then return to blogging for 5-6 hours a day instead of 2-3.  Watch out! If you are listed as one of the friends of the Talbert Zoo I will be bombarding your blog with comments once my kids start school.

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