Weekend Reflection

Well here I am again sitting here sipping my coffee on a Saturday morning. I can’t believe that it is February already! This week was rather crazy just like the week before.

The Terror had a great birthday. She is now 2. She got the movie Cinderella, some toys and a Go, Diego, Go birthday cake. On the day of her birthday I had to take the kids to this Celebration of the Educational Arts thing at my oldest’s school. She played her band instrument and sang for all the parents. I also got to play the orchestra bells with her. It took me back to my college years when I was a music major. I felt like I was back in Percussion Techniques class.

My baby is trying to crawl. He pushes himself up on all fours and then falls on his face. It is too cute! I took him into the doctor this week because he is still battling a cold and is not sleeping much. My doctor told me to start giving him meats before bed. He said that the extra protein might help him to sleep better. He had his first serving of Gerber pureed veal last night. I think he liked it. The doctor checked out his ears and said he didn’t have an ear infection so that was good. He said that the reason why he has been suffering from what seems to be an endless cold is because of the long dry winter. It should clear up when the weather gets nicer. Meanwhile, I have to keep asparating his nose before I nurse him and put him in the bathroom when we take our showers. I can also keep giving him chamamile tea to help break up the cough.

My husband and I are still having a tough time finding full time work with benefits around here. We also got a forclosure notice in the mail this past week. So we have made a huge decision. His parents live out in Sacramento, California and they have been begging him to move back home for a long, long time. His grandmother’s house is empty and there are a lot more jobs in Sacramento then here in little Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. I did not want to pull our oldest out of school in the middle of the year but when we recieved the foreclosure notice and with our bad credit, we don’t have a choice. I want what is best for my kids. They need a home to live in. If we stay here I have no idea where we would live. Rent on a three bedroom apartment here is $700 a month or higher and we do not have the money for a security deposit. So on February 25, 2008 we are packing up the whole family cats and all and moving to Sacramento, CA. I probably will be taking a break from my blogs that week. I am looking forward to a new fresh start. Hopefully we can find full time jobs with benefits out there.

Here’s to another week! Don’t forget to leave your comments and links! I want to hear about how your week went.


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