Weekend Reflection

Packer Mania

The Green Bay Packers are the NFC North Champions and they are all over the news, television, radio well just about everywhere around here. Check out my other blog Musings of a Broke Mom for more details on Packer Mania. My family is getting excited about the big game on Sunday. I am going to make cup cakes and frost them with green and gold frosting for my kids. My brother, his girlfriend and their daughter are coming over to watch the big game. We can’t wait! I sure hope they go to the Super Bowl.

I think my oldest has been spending too much time on You Tube and not enough time hitting her books. Last year she got all A’s and B’s in school. When I looked over her papers the other day I saw mostly C’s. She is working on getting her first degree black belt in Karate. (She’s already a Jr. Black Belt) One of the requirements is to have all A’s and B’s in school. Now we are only allowing her to use the computer for 30 minutes on school nights. Hopefully this will work. I might have to spend more time in the evening with her on her school work. Maybe instead of computer time when her sister goes to bed we should spend that time looking over her schoolwork. I would like to see an improvement in her grades.

The terror is starting to get this potty thing. I am really proud of her. She went poo poo on the potty for the first time the other day. I think I got overly excited because she gave me a strange look. I was doing a “poo poo on the potty” song and dance routine. Maybe that was a little much. I think she is getting more and more jealous of her little brother. He is on solids now and whenever I feed him baby food she wants some too. She calls it applesauce. I gave him a jar of peas last night. He didn’t like them but the terror ate them right up. When I feed the baby she wants to sit on my lap with her spoon and eat his food. I know I shouldn’t let her do that but she’s not as picky of a eater as her brother is and somebody has to eat the baby food!

The baby is starting to roll all over the place now. It is so cute to see him play on the floor. I decided to skip putting a blanket on the floor now because he doesn’t stay on it anymore. I think he’ll be crawling in a few months.

It is going to be below zero outside all weekend so I think we will stay in. Saturday is chore day so I should get the laundry caught up and clean up the house before the game tomorrow. I feel bad for those football players up in Green Bay. It is going to get extremely cold! The Giants are used to playing indoors so the Packers better win!

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2 Thoughts to “Weekend Reflection”

  1. Hey I love Brett Favre and the Pack, but I would like to see little Eli win so he can have something to chide big brother Peyton about! Thanks for the offer for weekend reflection!

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