Outdoor Activities for Children With Autism

Outdoor Activities for Children With Autism

Although trying to find activities suited towards children with autism may seem difficult, that really isn’t the case. Above all else, when searching for fun activities for your child, it’s simply important to remember they have some different needs. This may mean that what they consider fun and engaging is different from what you might expect, but that’s okay. Focus on providing new opportunities to help your child discover what they like with some of these outdoor activities for children with autism. When spring comes, and the weather warms up, your child will undoubtedly be ready to escape the house.

Obstacle Course

If your child is anxious to move, an obstacle course can be a very fun challenge. A good obstacle course will provide your child with a range of challenges that will have them expressing themselves physically in all sorts of ways, including running, jumping, crawling, or climbing. Obstacle courses are also a good way to introduce a bit of friendly competition if you have more than one child. Racing to see who can complete the course the fastest will keep the obstacles from getting stale, and your kids will learn how to refine their motor skills to tackle each challenge as efficiently as possible.

Treasure Hunts

Perhaps your child is aching for an adventure. Taking the time to craft an outdoor treasure hunt is a great outdoor activity for children with autism because it gives them a chance to explore their surroundings while improving their critical thinking skills by putting together clues to find treasure. The ability to be let loose and uncover the treasure for themselves helps them develop independence while keeping them occupied. Being able to solve a puzzle and finding the treasure is also a great way to boost your child’s confidence in their own abilities. If more than one child is participating, this activity becomes a good opportunity to encourage your child to develop leadership skills.


Community playgrounds and parks are an absolute classic for any child, and that includes those with autism. Playgrounds are a space for your kid to exercise all their motor functions and enjoy a wide variety of equipment and activities. Without a doubt, your child will find something to enjoy. No matter what they choose, playgrounds provide learning opportunities that will help develop skills such as socializing, cooperation, and compromise. This is great for children with autism who typically struggle with social skills and expressing themselves to others.

Introduce Gardening

If you notice that your child tends to hyper-fixate on their hobbies, a good idea is to introduce them to gardening. Gardening requires a lot of care and attention, which will be perfect if your child latches onto the hobby. It’s a productive way to spend time outdoors while teaching your child the responsibility of caring and nurturing a living organism. Gardening is also a beneficial hobby because it doesn’t have a fixed endpoint. For example, if your child is growing vegetables, they can replant items and start the whole process over again after their harvest. That’ll keep them busy for a while!

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