Hair Pulling Disorder In Kids – Is Your Child Healthy Or Not?

hair pulling disorder

Many parents wonder if their children have a hair pulling disorder. If your child has a hair pulling disorder, you should know that this condition can be treated.


Hair pulling is usually caused by stress and tension in a child. Children who are afraid of losing their hair or being embarrassed because of their thin hair may pick on themselves or pull on their scalp. It can also be caused by being picked on or having their hair cut. This is common in boys and it can cause some degree of hair pulling disorder in kids. Girls sometimes will grow a lot of hair and they will be terrified of losing it.

There are things you can do to treat hair pulling disorder in kids. You can try behavior modification techniques with your child. This will teach your child how to overcome their anxiety and eventually learn how to live with their hair pulling disorder. Using a skin brushing technique to stimulate the scalp can also be effective. Make sure you take your child to the doctor for hair pulling disorder in kids so he can make sure he doesn’t have any other issues. If you are trying to treat your child’s issue alone, he might develop depression and it can be more serious.

A treatment for hair pulling disorder in kids is psychological therapy. You and your child should go to a psychologist for behavioral therapy. He or she will be able to identify triggers and stop them. This is helpful for both you and your child.

If the trigger is due to trauma in your child’s past, he might need to go through some counseling. Talking to a therapist will allow you to discuss feelings with your child without being ashamed or embarrassed. You should also talk to your child about not pulling their hair so much because he will start to build up stress. This can eventually lead to hair pulling out of stress which is counterproductive.

The use of medications as a treatment for hair pulling disorder in kids has also been tried with mixed results. Antipsychotic drugs such as Ritalin have been known to cause sleeplessness, appetite loss, and even depression in children. There is also the use of some antidepressants to help treat this condition however, these have been found to cause problems as well. Your child may need to find something better than these medications. There are natural remedies that many parents have found effective for dealing with this condition.

Learning cognitive behavioral therapy can help you and your child learn how to overcome this problem. This type of treatment works well because it allows you and your child to work together to make changes to your thinking patterns. Many parents have found that these behavioral techniques are very successful at helping to re-train the child. They also tend to make the pulling stop quickly. A hair pulling disorder in kids doesn’t have to run its course; there are ways to treat this condition.

It is important to know if your child is suffering from hair pulling disorder in kids. If you see hair pulling and hair pushing out of your child’s face, you need to take the child to see his doctor to get an assessment done. The doctor needs to make sure that there is no underlying physical cause for the behavior. He will be able to determine the best treatment plan for your child. The goal of treatment is to make your child feel secure and in control.

Cascia Talbert is a Catholic mother of five special needs kids. In 2018 she published the book, "Taking Care of Your Family's Health and Well-Being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith," available anywhere books are sold. She is also a professional flutist and an Avon Independent Sales Representative. You can learn more about Cascia on the following websites, and She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, children and Baby, the playful black kitty.

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