Another Crazy Weekend at the Talbert Zoo

We had an uneventful weekend at the Talbert Zoo.  Like usual the days flew by.  On Saturday I began planning for our trip home to Wisconsin.  We leave this Thursday right after the kids get out of school for the year.  This time I made lists of everything that the kids need to pack.  But I am making Goose pack on her own.

We spent most of the day doing laundry and packing.  I think I am about 60% packed.  So far only two of the kids are excited about the trip. Monkey and Goose can’t stop talking about going to see Grandma and Grandpa.  We will be gone for three weeks.  Chris is driving the whole family out there and then he will fly back to Spokane so he can work.

Yesterday we went to mass and I did some things for Talbert Nutrition.  We were having server issues with our online store so I had to get rid of the whole product catalog and start over.  I thought about switching hosting companies, but decided not to because we are not guaranteed to get a refund from our current host if we make the switch.  I’d rather not lose more money.

In order for us to pay all our business expenses and a decent profit so I can pay myself, we need to make 10-15 sales a day.  So I am busting my butt trying to get our product catalog to look just right and making sure we are listed in all the major shopping engines.  I am confident that with hard work I will be able to get our sales up and reach our business goals.  Chris isn’t as confident as I am.  He doesn’t have the entrepreneurial spirit like I do.  He’d rather work in the corporate world and get a regular paycheck.  Me, I’ve been there, done that and will never work for another company again if I can help it.  I prefer working for myself.

I wanted to spend time outside this weekend but the weather just hasn’t been very cooperative.  I’ve noticed that the older I get the less I am able to tolerate the cold.  I am sick and tired of the cold weather up here in Spokane. The temperatures got up in the 70’s but we had strong cold winds from Canada this weekend.  The wind made it feel a lot colder outside.  Chris, Monkey, Bear and I went for a walk yesterday evening.  I had jeans and a sweater on and Monkey was shirtless.  He is one tough kid.  In the summer he always goes shirtless.

Parrot has always talked about being a scientist when he grows up.  I think he might be an entomologist.  He has this little critter cage that he carries everywhere.  I had to take it away from him this morning otherwise he probably would have brought it with him on the bus to school. Parrot’s favorite activity is going on walks and collecting bugs and spiders in his critter cage.  Yesterday he caught three spiders, four tiny bugs and a cool moth.

Every time he catches an insect or spider I have to go online with him and we try to identify the critter.  After spending 20 minutes with Parrot on a spider identification website he can now identify just about any spider he sees around the house and yard. I swear that kid’s brain is a sponge.

A lot of people with Asperger’s think in pictures.  They have a photographic memory.  I believe that this is how Parrot’s brain works and he uses that to learn so quickly.

Another crazy weekend has come and gone here at the Talbert Zoo. Now I just have to see what the week brings!  I’m sure it will be filled with laughter, smiles, headaches and frustrations.  But we will make it through.


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