Weekend Reflection

It’s Saturday morning again. Last night was terrible. My son who is nearly 6 months old refuses to sleep at night. When I put him in his crib he just screams. In fact that is what he is doing right now. He woke up every 20 minutes last night. All he wanted to do is nurse. Nursing burns a lot of calories and I am not a big woman. In fact I have a rather fast metabolisim so whenever I nurse him I get extremly hungry. So here I am at 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday (I should be sleeping in because it is Saturday) eating a bowl of fruit loops and typing on my blog. If I try to go back to sleep I won’t be able to becuase I can’t stand listening to him scream and I can’t sleep when my stomache is grumbling. My husband says that he wakes up at night because he knows that I will comfort him. He’s right. I think I am going to go and get the right now.

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The terror just started wearing training pants. I think she is starting to get this potty thing. I like cloth trainong pants because they help your child to feel when he or she is wet. Disposable diapers are so well designed now that they absorb all the moisture so it doesn’t touch your baby‘s skin. She hasn’t had an accident in her training pants yet. Last night all she wanted to do was watch “Go Diego, Go” and “Dora the Explorer” while running around naked. Even though it is 20 degrees F outside, I thought what the heck, she is still little. She decided to bring her potty chair into the bedroom where she was watching her shows. When we were not looking she must have sat on it and went pee pee. Because when I went to bed last night I found the potty in two pieces with pee pee all over it. She was probably playing with the potty afterwards. She didn’t get the “Yeah pee pee on the potty!” cheer from Mommy and Daddy. Maybe next time.

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My oldest is starting to like school more and more because she says that she finally has friends. I have forgotton how important friendships are to 10 year olds. She used to keep to herself because she didn’t have a lot in common with the kids in her class. I think that is the problem with kids and friendships. I remember when I was a kid if you didn’t roll your jeans a certain way or you didn’t like Michael Jordan then you were not cool. Today you are not cool if you don’t like Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Webkinz. My daughter just so happens to like those three things so now she has lots of friends. She has to have something to talk about with the other girls at the lunch table.

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My baby finally fell back asleap and I think it is about time to end this post. Don’t forget to leave your comments and links. Visit the Healthy Moms store for potty training items, High School Musical and Hannah Montana items. Also visit this weeks sponsors.

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