Weekend Reflection #25

I can’t believe that it is Friday already. This week flew by way too fast. My oldest daughter went on an airplane to Wisconsin on Tuesday. She flew by herself. I already miss her. I’ve been in charge of all of her chores, cleaning the litter boxes. feeding the cats and feeding her fish. Ciara has been sleeping in Courtney’s bed now that she is gone. Today is the first day since she left that I did not call her on the phone. I know she is alright. Maybe I will give her a call later.

Chris and I both got hired to work full time for Crossmark. They are a merchandising company. We will get paid well and they include benefits. He got an e mail from them today with his new employee number and how he can log into the company website etc. I still haven’t gotten that e mail yet. I am a little concerned. Especially since we both got the same job and will be training together. I guess I just have to keep checking my e mail account.

Ciara was adorable this morning. When Conan was taking his nap she decided that she and Mommy had to go outside and play. So we did. Then she ran around in circles and announced that she was a lion. She roared like a lion and ran around in circles around me. I asked her if she was a scary lion or a nice one. Of course she said she was a nice lion. Then she was a tiger. Then she was Baby Jaguar from Go Diego, Go. How cute! I had so much fun outside with her. I wish I had my video camera! Chris said that he will video tape her playing outside later this afternoon. I hope he does!

Conan is cranky right now. He’s supposed to be taking his afternoon nap, but instead he is crying. Maybe I should get him up? Or not. He has six teeth now but still isn’t walking yet. I know I should be patient and not worry that he isn’t walking. Courtney didn’t walk until she was 13 months and Ciara didn’t walk until she was 14 months. Although, Courtney was born 4 weeks early and Ciara was born 5 weeks early. Conan was on time. He should be walking. Okay, I won’t worry about it. It is probably my fault. I carry him around too much.

We are getting ready to sell a bunch of junk at my sister-in-law’s garage sale. Every time we have a garage sale we don’t sell a darn thing. Last time I think we made three dollars. Hopefully she has a better location and will have a better turn out. We sure could use the money and we don’t have enough space in this tiny house for all of our “junk.” The sale is next weekend. Chris and his dad spent two days cleaning out the storage facility to prepare for the sale. I can’t wait. Let’s hope that we do well!


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