Weekend Reflection #34 – Our Kids Say the Funniest Things

Yesturday we were riding in the van coming home from a visit to one of our local malls. My oldest (Courtney, 11) was sitting in the back seat listening to her MP3 player and the two little ones were sitting rather quietly in their car seats. Then Courtney said, “Mom Ciara just pulled a huge chunk of hair out of her head!”

I replied, “Ciara, don’t do that! Why did you pull your hair out?”

Then she started pushing on her head from underneath her chin and replied with this.
” I can’t get my head off!”

Chuckling I asked her why.

Ciara said, ” I need a new head.”

I told her that she was pretty and did not need a new head. So my husband said, “Ciara, you can’t replace your head like Barbie.”

Ciara replied, “I need a pretty head like Barbie.”

My husband told her that Barbie is superficial and she does not want to be like Barbie. I don’t think my two year old understood that but that is how the conversation ended. Hopefully she still does not want a Barbie head.

I know the rules for this meme is to reflect back on your week but I thought that this story would be fitting for Weekend Reflection.


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13 Thoughts to “Weekend Reflection #34 – Our Kids Say the Funniest Things”

  1. Oh that is hilarious!! I so hope she gets over that Barbie thing!! What a cutie!! 🙂

  2. hehe, that’s really cute! thanks for dropping by, have a great weekend 😉< HREF="http://mlizcochico.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">Moms… check nyo<>

  3. I haven’t heard anymore about the Barbie head…so we’ll see! Thank you for stopping by and for the wonderful comments!

  4. So funny! Kids are very imaginative people aren’t they? Last week Remi proclaimed to anyone that would listen that she is a princess superhero. She was so sure that she was no longer just a normal little girl that she polished off her new princess status with a baby blanket cape. Sometimes I wonder how our parents did it. Ciara is super beautiful! Have a wonderful trip to Wisconsin.

  5. I’m gald that one is over! Thanks for dropping by the Poor Mouth

  6. Thank you for visiting, Pamela and Jams and for the comments! So Remi is a princess superhero. That is cute!

  7. Your kiddo is a cutie! Thisis a funny post. If we could only change our heads that easily! God bless.

  8. Hahhahaa…that’s adorable! She’ll understand the conversation very soon! Sometimes I think they grow up too fast! 😛

  9. That is very funny. I too hope she has changed her mind about a new head, hers looks perfect!

  10. That is so funny! And one of the links of my stories that I posted in reply of your BlogFrog post is a “head coming off” story too. I think she is way cuter than Barbie…hope you convinced her to “keep” her head.

  11. Hysterical. I want a new head like barbie too! Too bad it costs way too much and involves painful surgery!! LOL

  12. Too funny! She's on to something, me thinks. It'd be so great to be able to swap heads . . . I would love to be able to do the back of my hair while my head was in front of me! I'd always have a clean, nicely made up & coiffed spare! LOL

  13. That is TOO funny! I love your hubby's response. Don't be surprised if your little girl starts using “superficial” in sentences from now on. 😉

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