Weekend Reflection #26

This week was crazy. My husband and I started our new jobs working for Crossmark. We love it but we decided to work as much overtime as we can in order to pay for our plane tickets to Wisconsin this Thanksgiving. I missed my kids this week. But I know it is going to be worth it.

We work at Home Depot Stores in the Kitchen and Bath Department, Plumbing and Building Supplies. Our job is to walk around the departments and make sure all the products are merchandised properly, the shelves are clean and the correct labels are on the shelves. We have 12 people on our team and not enough work for all of us so the job is kind of boring. Because the Home Depot was billed for a lot of hours by Crossmark we can work up to 4 hours in overtime a day. These hours were already paid for by the Home Depot so our team needs to use them up. Some days there is enough work for us to keep busy for eight hours but when we work the extra four it is boring. We usually spend the extra hours just walking around the store double checking our work. I can’t wait until we are done with the overtime. When we go back to eight hour shifts it is going to be a breeze!

The kids are doing well. Courtney came home from Wisconsin on Tuesday. Her sister was so excited to see her. She gave her a grate big hug and wouldn’t leave her a lone.

Ciara is as cute as ever and has been behaving fairly well for her grandparents. I think it is hard for her to get up early every morning. She gets grumpy when she doesn’t have enough sleep, just like Mommy. So she’s been taking long naps at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

My in-laws said that it is getting to hard for them to take care of the kids so they are willing to help pay for day care part time. I don’t know when Chris and I will be able to call day care centers. It might have to wait until after we are done working the overtime. One more week! I can’t wait.

Conan is still trying to walk but does not want to let go of your fingers yet. My girls were late walkers so it doesn’t surprise me that he is taking a while to master this skill to. That’s alright. He will start walking when he is good and ready. He still amazes us every day with all the words that he knows. He has been trying to put words together and I can tell that he understands me when I am talking to him.

Well another week as come and gone. Please be patient with me this week because I will be working 12 hour days again. Hopefully I’ll be able to make at least one blog post during the week. Next Saturday I will once again play catch up with my blog. After that we will be working 8 hour days and I can visit all of you and post on a regular basis.


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