Types of Cat Breeds

Siamese Cat

The cat breeds that you can keep in your home are many and they come in many different varieties. These breeds include the Abyssinian, Burmese, Havana brown, Japanese, Maine Coon, Manchester, Persian and the toy breeds. Each of these cats has their own specific traits that make them unique and which make them wonderful pets.

cat breeds

The Abyssinian cat breed is perhaps one of the oldest known felines and was first bred in the US in the early nineteen hundreds. The Abyssinians have light-colored skin and a blue undercoat. They have medium sized bodies and big paws. This is one of the oldest known felines and is still used today as a breed in breeding.

The Burmese is also an American breed and was created by crossing a black kitten with an Asian Leopard Cat. The Burmese’s original name was Man Yin and later was changed to Burmese after a famous English author lived in Japan and learned about the cats. Today there are more than twelve thousand purebred Burmese and they are very rare. The remaining populations are in low numbers all over the world. These cats are lovely, and some are even listed as rarer than the Abyssinian.

The next cat breeds on our list are the Siamese breeds. Siamese were originally bred in China and their history is not clear. However, they are known to have been imported to Europe in the eighteenth century. In the late nineteenth century, breeders started crossing Siamese with a variety of other breeds to create the hairless Siamese cats we have today.

The third breed on our list are the domestic sphynx cats. Domestic sphynx means ‘a house cat’ and was probably named so because of its distinct ‘Domestic ‘look. As a result, the majority of domestic cats in North America are either neutered or spayed. Their coats are either long or short.

The fourteenth most common domestic cat breeds in the United States is the Persian Cat. Each of these felines falls into one of four official categories: the other three feline breeds are not officially recognized as cat breeds in the United States. The remaining felines are categorized as working cats, sport animals, and ornamental/design cats.

One of the rarest cat breeds in America is the Himalayan. The Himalayan cat has beautiful thick hair, usually black with red highlights.  Another rare breed is the munchkin cat.

All of these different types of felines have a different physical appearance and behavior. While all of them are independent, playful and affectionate pets, each breed has some unique characteristics that set it apart from all of the others. The British Shorthair, for example, was a winner of the world’s oldest contest for the best cat show in England. American cats range widely in color, though the long haired ones are most popular. With a few exceptions, all of these cats are small in size and weigh between eight and fifteen pounds.

Bobtails are small, medium-sized cats with sleek muscular builds and short coats. Their names come from their tendency to bob at the ends of their tails, which is how they got their name. British Bobtails have short, solid colored hair, while American Bobtails are cream or golden in color and have long, flowing coats.

Persian cats are native to Iran but many breeders now also raise them as pets. Persian cats have an arched spine, long and sleek coat, large eyes, and strong muscles. They were introduced to Europe in the eighteenth century by traders, who soon brought with them blue, silver, and white cats. Today there are as many as forty different breeds of Persian cat. Many of these cats have different names such as English Ivy, Persian Nights, and English Brahma. There are even more specific breeds such as Burmese, Scottish Fold, and the Sheddler.

The most popular breed in the United States is the American Short Hair. As its name implies, it has long and silky hair that is usually silky or lank. The American Short hair is the most common non-sporting cat in the United States, but there are many other types of cats that are considered to be less common such as tabby cats. Tabby cats, which are a variety of the domestic cat, are very common around North America and are often referred to as American Bald, European Hairless, or Oriental Hairless cats. Tabby cats are sometimes called “tennis cat” because of their athletic tendencies.

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