Tips to Helping Kids With Special Needs

helping kids with special needs

kids with special needs

Tips to Helping Kids With Special Needs


Kids with special needs can face a number of obstacles in their lives. Challenges include the need for more structured programs and instruction, as well as access to specialized equipment or medical attention. These obstacles can be difficult and even overwhelming for any child. The good news is that there are options available for parents and caregivers that are designed for helping kids with special needs feel less overwhelmed.

One of the first steps to help kids with special needs feel less overwhelmed is for families and providers to become more aware of their needs. This will allow providers to develop services and programs that address their specific needs. Providers also need to develop open communication lines with kids, parents, and schools.

In some cases, kids with special needs have problems fitting in with their peer groups. Special education services can be effective at easing these issues and promoting social interaction for kids. One way that this can happen is through inclusion. Special education services should work with students to make them feel welcome and included in all of their activities, including after school and summer programs. Adding music and games to the program can provide a safe space for kids with special needs to express themselves and build confidence in their abilities. After school programs can also help kids feel connected to their peers in a supportive environment.

Another way that special needs can be facilitated is through family therapy. A number of kids with special needs may turn to their parents or other family members for comfort and understanding. It’s also important for kids with special needs to see that their families support their special needs and desires. If your kids’ parents are struggling with addiction, substance abuse, or depression, encourage them to seek out therapy. By working together, you can create a safer, more comfortable home for your kids with special needs.

For kids with special needs, it’s important to understand the difference between normal physical activities and the extreme sports that many kids  participate in. Special needs kids need the structure of physical education and skill development that typical children get. By encouraging your child to go for after school sports and other extracurricular activities, you can help him learn skills that are critical for his success in school.

Don’t push your kids into sports and extracurricular activities. Instead, let them enjoy the choices and join in on after school activities. You’ll give your kids a sense of fulfillment as they learn to be independent and take responsibility for their own lives. Your special needs children will learn important life skills by participating in after school sports and extracurricular activities.

There are also art and science programs that are designed for helping kids with special needs. These programs might involve professional classes or workshops. Many schools have programs that allow kids with special needs to learn the art and science in a structured, organized manner. The school may provide computer software or they might provide other resources that your child can use to learn the concepts.

If your child feels like he is missing something in his day, talk to him about it. Kids with special needs often lack self-confidence and feel like they are being pushed or criticized. Talk to your child to discover what he’s thinking. By talking to your child, he’ll learn to try out different things, experiment with new items, and see the possibilities for his future. With the right attitude and the right resources, your child has a bright future.

There are also a number of after school programs that are designed for helping kids with special needs. After school counselors can help your child get through the difficult first years at school, but there will always be new experiences for them. Look into special child counseling services so that your child can receive guidance from professionals who are experienced with these issues. The after school program might be as simple as one or two sessions with an instructor. They can be as intensive as a one-on-one tutoring session or as hands-on as an intensive class.

There are a variety of support groups, too. If your child feels like he’s alone, he might try joining a special needs club at school. There are national clubs such as the Special Olympics that help kids with special needs meet and share information. Special education clubs are also formed locally. Find local organizations near you and get involved in some fun activities.

If your child needs individualized services, look into private tutoring or therapy. There are professional tutors who can help kids with special needs to develop their skills and reach their full potential. Parents may want to consider working with a private tutor or counselor on a weekly or monthly basis. This is an especially good option for parents who are already spending lots of time working with their kids and want something on hand that doesn’t require a lot of extra time.

Cascia Talbert is a Catholic mother of five special needs kids. In 2018 she published the book, "Taking Care of Your Family's Health and Well-Being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith," available anywhere books are sold. She is also a professional flutist and an Avon Independent Sales Representative. You can learn more about Cascia on the following websites, and She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, children and Baby, the playful black kitty.

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