The Cat and the Toothpaste

Let me tell you a story about a young boy and his cat.   The boy is very kind, caring and always does what he is told.  He loves helping out his mom and taking care of others.  He especially loves taking care of his cat.

Every night the young boy  gets his pajamas on, reads a book, and brushes his teeth before bed.  He loves reading to his cat and she loves the attention she gets from the boy.  They read stories like, “That’s Not My Bear,” “Bubble Trouble,” and “Miss Spider’s Tea Party.” The boy loves his cat very much.

One night the boy said to his dad, “Dad, I need to brush my teeth, so I think I should also brush the cat’s teeth.”

Dad said, “No. Cats don’t need their teeth brushed. Besides she will not like it either. Please do not brush the cat’s teeth.”

This only made the boy more curious and he wanted with his whole heart to take care of his beloved kitty.  “If I don’t brush her teeth,” he thought, “Then she will get sugar bugs in her mouth, just like I do if I don’t brush my teeth. When I don’t brush my teeth it makes Mommy mad. I must brush the cat’s teeth.”

Disregarding what his father had said, the boy quickly put toothpaste on his sister’s toothbrush. Then he chased the cat down the hallway until he caught up with her. Swiftly he forced the toothbrush into the cat’s mouth getting toothpaste on her chin and backside.

The cat meowed, and raced down the stairs foaming at the mouth.  “What happened?” Mom exclaimed.

“He tried to brush her teeth,” replied the older sister pointing at the accused.

“Oh, no!” Mom cried racing to get a towel out of the linen closet.  She wrapped the cat in the towel, wiped her face and called the vet.

“There’s something wrong with my cat,” the kids heard their mother say over the phone.

“My son tried to brush her teeth and now she’s foaming at the mouth.”

“He used Aim Toothpaste. No, I don’t know if there is xylitol in it. There’s no ingredients list on the tube.”

“Thank you. Yes we will bring her in if there are any more problems.”

Mom put the cat and the phone down and began to scold her son. “You are very lucky young man. The toothpaste does not contain xylitol which is very harmful to cats. If it did we would be at the vet’s right now.”

The boy learned his lesson and promised he will not ever brush the cat’s teeth again.

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