Pretty Litter Review

Pretty Litter Review

Pretty Litter is a health-monitoring litter that changes color to alert you when something’s wrong with your cat. It can detect alkaline, acid, and blood in urine.

It’s available via subscription, eliminating last-minute trips to the pet store and odor boxes that are overdue for a change. One bag can last up to a month per cat.

What is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter is a cat litter that uses color-changing crystals to provide insights into your feline’s health. It monitors urine chemistry to let you know about any illnesses that may be inflicting your pet so that you can take action before the condition gets worse. Pretty Litter was created by a team of veterinarians and scientists, so you can rest assured that it is safe for cats.

Cats are known for hiding their ailments, which means that it can be hard to tell when your pet is ill. This is one of the reasons that Pretty Litter was created. The color-changing crystals in this non-clumping litter are designed to detect health issues that you may not be able to see with the naked eye, including the presence of blood or other signs of illness. Pretty Litter can help you catch these issues before they get out of hand, allowing you to save money and save your cat’s life.

The Pretty Litter formula consists of silica gel crystals that are color-coded to represent different conditions in your pet’s body. The crystals turn red, orange, dark green, or blue based on the PH level of your cat’s urine. The company claims that this can indicate things like kidney problems, urinary tract infections, and even diabetes.

To use Pretty Litter, you simply place the litter in your cat’s litter box. The color-coded crystals will react to the urine in your pet’s body, changing the litter color if there are any abnormalities. You can then interpret the color change and take your cat to the vet if needed.

If the Pretty Litter formula detects a high level of alkalinity, the crystals will turn blue. This could mean that your cat has a problem with Struvite or FLUTD, which are both serious conditions that require immediate attention from a vet. The company also notes that if the Pretty Litter color changes to red, it may indicate that there is blood in your cat’s urine.

The company recommends that you observe your cat for 24 to 48 hours if you notice an unusual change in the color of the Pretty Litter. Then you can consult a vet to confirm the issue and determine a course of action. In addition, the company offers a hassle-free cancelation policy that you can access through your user profile. This shows that the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and values transparency in their business practices.

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Pretty Litter is a non-clumping litter made of silica gel crystals that react to different elements in your cat’s urine. The crystals change color and let you know if something is off with your pet far before you’d otherwise notice a problem. They detect specific urine components that indicate health issues like urinary tract infections or kidney disease, and even show if blood is present.

The crystals are also very absorbent, so you need less litter than you would with standard clumping clay litter. And they’re dust-free, which is good news for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma in the household, including cats. Pretty Litter is formulated with a special additive that can test for over a dozen different constituents in your cat’s urine, such as protein, glucose, and creatinine. The specific ingredients used in the formula are described in a patent that’s a bit difficult to wade through, but the base material is described as being porous silica with additives contained within the pore structure.

To use Pretty Litter, pour the entire bag into a clean litter box and shake the container to evenly distribute the crystals. The manufacturer recommends using the same litter box you have been using for your cat, which will help them acclimate to the new type of litter. You can mix Pretty Litter with a little of your old litter to make the transition easier for your cat. This is meant to give your cat a familiar scent and make it more comfortable with the new litter box, as well as helping you avoid litter tracking on the floor. The manufacturer does note that it might take a few weeks for your cat to adjust to Pretty Litter, so if your pet isn’t using the litter box as usual, try placing some of their old feces in the box with the new litter to encourage them to return to it. Pretty Litter is safe for your cat if they ingest or breathe it in small amounts, although swallowing any type of litter should be discouraged because it can clog their throat.

What Are the Benefits of Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter was developed with the help of real veterinarians, and their goal is to give pet parents insight into their cat’s health by assessing urine PH levels via color-coded crystals. They can’t diagnose diseases, but they can provide early warning signs and a starting point to work with your vet.

The litter is made with safe, absorbent silica gel and infused with their proprietary formula to change color when it comes in contact with urine. It’s sourced from one of the world’s largest and most trusted kitty litter plants, and it’s manufactured in an FDA-approved facility with high standards of quality control. Pretty Litter does not contain diatomaceous earth, a common ingredient in other cat litters that can be toxic to cats when ingested.

To use Pretty Litter, pour the entire bag of litter into a clean litter box. Make sure the litter is at least 2 inches deep. Scoop out your cat’s feces daily and thoroughly mix the litter to evenly distribute urine amongst the crystals. Once the litter is saturated, empty the litter box and thoroughly clean it. Then refill with a fresh bag of Pretty Litter.

A single bag of Pretty Litter can last a month for a single cat, and it’s 80% lighter than other leading brands. Since it’s a subscription service, you can sign up for auto-ship and have a new bag delivered right to your door when you need it. Plus, it’s easy to cancel your subscription if you’re not satisfied. This level of transparency and user-friendliness is rare in the world of kitty litter, but it’s an admirable and encouraging sign that Pretty Litter believes in their product enough to stand behind it.

How Do I Use Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter comes with a convenient home delivery subscription option that includes discounts and free shipping. The company has an excellent A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s important to note that the litter is not suitable for kittens, so if you have one or more, it may take some time for them to get used to it.

The first step is to open your bag of Pretty Litter and pour it into a clean litter box. The team recommends mixing it with a small amount of your cat’s previous litter to help them adjust. Then, remove any solid waste and mix the Pretty Litter again. Once the litter is fully saturated, empty it and clean your litter box. Keeping the box clean and well-mixed will help you avoid saturating the same spots in the box that your cat prefers to use.

Over time, the Pretty Litter will begin to change colors based on your cat’s urine. Yellow indicates normal acidity and alkalinity, while orange reflects high acidity (kidney tubular acidosis or metabolic acidosis) or bladder stones. Blue shows an elevated pH level that can lead to urinary tract infections. Red indicates blood in the urine, which can indicate interstitial cystitis, crystals, a urinary obstruction, or even a urinary tumor.

Using Pretty Litter will help you catch health issues early, saving you money on future vet bills. The non-clumping formula also lasts longer than traditional litter. If you have multiple cats, be sure to keep an extra litter box and bag of Pretty Litter on hand so that you can monitor each cat’s health separately.

Unlike other litter brands, Pretty Litter is not available in stores. It can be purchased directly from the company’s website and delivered to your home for a convenient, hassle-free experience. This allows you to avoid the frustration of trying to find a specialty pet product and saves you money in the process. Plus, the subscription-based model allows you to easily keep up with your cat’s Pretty Litter needs. This is a must-have product for any pet parent!

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