My Thoughts…

I didn’t know what to title this post, but I do know that I should write a little something before I have to get dinner out on the table at 5 o’clock. So here is what I have been thinking about lately.

“I wonder if Chris is okay and not trapped in the floods out in Phoenix”

“I hope Goose figures out what she is going to do after high-school, soon. She has her priorities strait but is college really in her future?  I think I need to pray more about that.”

“Why in the heck does Little Bear want to be a carrot for Halloween? Does this mean that he is going to start eating his veggies?”

“Monkey’s new doctor is worried about his short stature. Yes he is short, but so am I. Maybe the doctor is correct to worry because he is only in the 4th percentile for height. YIKES!! I don’t think even Goose was ever in the 4th percentile for height. And she is 4’9.”  I sure hope Monkey does not have some sort of disorder or he is always going to be short.  He loves sports and being short might hurt him in the future.  We are taking him in for a blood test to check out the growth hormone on Saturday.  I hope he is alright.”

“Why is Parrot whining? He always whines.  ‘I want my Kindle Back! Why won’t Monkey give me my Kindle! Monkey is not letting me have a turn!’  I think he needs to give his brother his Kindle Back.”

“I really wish I had some spending money for myself.  Maybe I will get that baby sitting job. I am meeting the mother of the little boy in a couple of weeks. Will it work out? Can I handle watching another kid? Will I enjoy it? Will Little Bear get along with the other boy? What am I getting myself into?  I think it will be fine.  I am going to pray some more about it and if that little boy needs me I will get the job.  Maybe the mom and I will become friends. I sure would like to make some friends out here.”

“Why is Kitty plucking again?  Her trichotillomania is brought on by stress.  Maybe this move and change in routine is stressful for her.  Is she making new friends at school? I sure hope so. She had so many friends at her old school and neighborhood.  I hope she is happy. Sometimes it is hard to tell.  Was it a good idea to take away her television after she plucked her eyelashes out? She did it twice. So I guess the first time my parenting didn’t work.  Maybe she needs to go back to therapy again.  I sure hope she stops plucking. I guess I need to pray for her some more too.”

What have you been thinking about lately?

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