My New Project

I am starting a new project and I need to reach out to bloggers for your help.  Before I get into the details of my project first I need to give you a little background about myself and my history with blogging.

Some of you may not be familiar with my main blog, Healthy Moms Magazine.  I have been blogging there since 2007.  It started off as a way for me to share health and wellness information that I have learned from my inspiration (my husband Chris) and what I researched myself.  Chris inspired me to get into the health and wellness niche because he was born with a heart condition which led to him being morbidly obese.  When he was in college he changed his lifestyle completely and lost over 100lbs.  Obesity and diabetes run in his family and I want to make sure my children stay healthy. In 2007 I had three children and that is why I started that blog.

 I believe that the only way we can combat obesity in the United States is to educate families so they can make healthy decisions.  I do not think the government needs to be involved because we are smart enough to make our own decisions. I try my best to provide tips and answers on Healthy Moms Magazine so that people can make the right decisions.

The Healthy Moms Magazine has grown over the years and I have over 30K subscribers and social media followers. I also have 16 bloggers from the health and wellness niche that contribute there.  It is my main source of income and I consider it my main blog.  This blog is just a diary, or way to document what my life was like (is like) when (while) my kids were (are still) little.

Now to the details of my new project.  Blogging has changed over the years, especially the way bloggers make money with their blogs.  A lot of “mommy bloggers” earn money through ad networks that get them lined up with brands.  They then write sponsored posts which they get paid for. Most of you probably do this on a regular basis.  But Google made some dramatic changes to the way they index websites.  If you are a blogger and you disclose in any way that you got paid to write something, then Google will penalize you and that post will get pushed way back in their index.  But, there is a catch, a few years back the FTC declared that bloggers must disclose if they got paid or compensated to write something.

Healthy Moms Magazine is an educational website which people turn to for answers to their health, wellness and parenting questions.  It is crucial that my site gets high rankings in Google. That is where 80% of my traffic comes from. Therefore, I can’t write very many sponsored posts. Because of this I have seen my income decline dramatically and I need to do something about it.

I already have over 2,000 posts on Healthy Moms Magazine.  In 2011 I went to an editor’s summit in Albuquerque. There I met some fantastic bloggers and published authors.  One of the authors told me that I should write a book.  I have thought long and hard about this ever since.  She also said that with my blog, my book is already started.  She was right.

 I am going to take posts from my blog, organize them, expand on them and put it together as an Amazon Kindle book.  I am determined to sell enough in order to pay for Kitty’s guitar lessons and the hosting and maintenance of all of my websites (,, and I also do not want to have to go back to work when Bear starts school.  I prefer working for myself.

I am looking for bloggers to help me with this project.  I need at least 5 bloggers to edit the book, and as many as possible to write up a review on their blog and on Amazon of it once it is for sale.  In return, the bloggers who edit the book will have their names and the link to their blog in a special thank you page in the book.  The bloggers who review it will get a free copy and can use their Amazon affiliate links in their review on their blog.  I have no idea how long it will take me to complete this.  I haven’t even started the project yet.

If you are interested in helping my out you can e mail me at [email protected]. Please include your name, the link to your blog, and if you want to be an editor or reviewer. I am going to compile all the interested bloggers into a spreadsheet and you will be notified of the progress of the project and more details on the editing process.

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