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I decided to start something new here at the Talbert Zoo. Lately I’ve only been updating this blog for Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday because I am trying to grow my following over at my main site. But, I understand that I also have a loyal following here. I appreciate every one of my readers on both blogs, however, my family depends on the income I bring in from my other site.

When my page views on the Healthy Moms Magazine reached a plateau I knew I needed to make some major changes.  Back in October 2015, after being online for 8 years, I switched from the Blogger platform over to WordPress, changed my domain name, and completely re branded.  I invested a lot of money into the process with the hopes that it would pay off in the end.

Sadly, I am now losing money and losing page views and users over there.  I’ve been blogging for so long now, you’d think I would have this business figured out.  So, I must try even harder to reach my goals for my other blog, even if it means I need to reach out to my readers over here on the Talbert Zoo.

Introducing the Weekly Round Up linky.  Every Friday I will write a brief recap of what is happening over here at the Talbert Zoo, highlight a few trending posts from the Healthy Moms Magazine, and include a linky for you to share your favorite blog posts from the past week.

I will visit each link in the linky and comment on every post shared.  But, I am going to turn comments off for the Weekly Round Up here at the Talbert Zoo.  Instead of commenting here, I want my readers to choose a post from the Healthy Moms Magazine that sparks their interest and leave me a comment there.  I reply and comment back on all comments over at the Healthy Moms Magazine.  I have found that the commenting system in WordPress is so much easier to follow, and if my commenters link to their blog instead of social media or their Gravatar, I have a direct link to click on within the comments.  This simplifies commenting back.

Google+ comments make commenting back much more complicated.  When you  click on the commenter’s name it takes you to their Google+ profile and then you have to dig around to find the link to their blog.  This is frustrating, because I am making commenting on blogs an even bigger priority for my business.  I must increase user engagement and my visitor count on my other site, or the past eight and a half years blogging over there has been a waste of time, energy and money.  I refuse to fail my family and be a failure as a small business owner.

Now for the round up!

Here at the Talbert Zoo we welcomed March by celebrating an end to the sickness that was going around in our family.  It began two weeks ago with Parrot.  He caught a stomach virus that was going around in their school.  The next day Monkey got sick, then Bear.  Chris left for Indiana that week for work, but traveling did not prevent him from catching the virus.  I got a text from him Wednesday night of that week stating that he got sick while at his hotel.  This was the same night I was dealing with Bear throwing up.

The three girls, myself, Goose and Kitty fared pretty well and I thought we would be in the clear, but that wasn’t the case.  Last Sunday night I got sick.  I have no idea why it took me so long to catch the bug.  Fortunately, Goose and Kitty were spared.

A week ago, Bear started complaining that his ear hurt.  Over the weekend his condition escalated and not only did he get a low grade fever, all Little Bear wanted to do was sleep.  On Monday I took him to the doctor and he confirmed that Bear had an inner ear infection.  The doctor was also concerned about his weight and size.  Little Bear is tiny and always has been small.  At age 5 he still fits into some size 3T clothes.  I’m only 5’1″ and weigh less than 115lbs.  I am small too, and I thought that maybe he just takes after me.

The doctor thinks he might have a nutrition problem, but Chris and I know that isn’t the case.  My husband and I calculated Bear’s average calorie intake and he is taking in more calories than I am.  He also drinks 4-5 glasses of milk every single day.  We are speculating that he may have an issue with his pituitary gland which is called, Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency.  Bear has a follow up doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  Hopefully we can learn more then.

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