Weekly Round Up 2

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This week hasn’t been very eventful.  I tried to bust my butt working on my other website, but have learned that when 8pm rolls around and my kids are in bed, I am way too tired to work a few more hours.  I told myself that next week I will put in more time working late at night.  We’ll see if I follow through.

I am still struggling with Parrot’s behavior issues.  He was sent home from school on Monday for bad behavior.  The school decided to add more social work time in his IEP. I have to attend an IEP amendment meeting on Monday morning. He can’t control his behavior outside of school either.

When ever we have to go to church, whether it is for the Catholic boys club, religious education, or mass on Sunday, Parrot throws a major fit as soon as he learns that we are going to church.  He has a very twisted interpretation of church.  He thinks it is an evil place and we only make him go there because we want him to get into trouble.  This is totally false and I’ve tried several times to explain to him that the reason we bring him to church is because we love him, and we love Jesus and want him to have a good relationship with Jesus and learn more about our faith so he  will go to heaven someday.  But, he is stubborn and refuses to believe what we say.

St. Monica

I have been asking St. Monica to intercede and help me with my little boy.  Her son, St. Augustine was very troubled as a young man.  He was promiscuous, and partied and drank a lot.  Monica prayed for her son to turn to Jesus and change his life around.  God listened to Monica and Augustine repented and was forgiven of his sins.  In return God got two saints, St. Monica and St. Augustine.  If Monica’s prayers helped her son, surely she can help me with my son.

Spring break starts a week from today and my kids are getting excited about our trip to Florida. We are leaving Friday morning and returning on April 3.  Glenda will be staying at Randall Road Animal Hospital while we are gone.  It is only a few blocks from where we live.  The name is so complicated and I’ve been mixing up the words and calling it, “Animal Road Animal Hospital.”  The kids get a kick out of their silly mom.

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Have a terrific weekend!

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