Home of the Crazies

Yes I love my kids and all their flaws. They are not perfect and neither am I.  Why do I call it the “home of the crazies?” Chris and I always joke around that we only have one normal kid, Little Bear. We tried and tried for a normal kid and by the time we got to number 5, finally we hit the jackpot! He is a sweet little boy without any social, emotional or mental problems.  Taking care of him is easy. But I also have to deal with  of all the issues that arise from our four “not so normal” children.  Here are the stats below.


Goose is the farthest thing from your typical teenage girl.  She has never had a boyfriend (thank God!), does not know how to keep her room clean, is terrified of needles of any kind, and her main goal in life is to have fun.  She also has Asperger’s, (high functioning autism), anxiety, is socially awkward, depression, and sometimes has uncontrollable anger outbursts.  She is on fluoxetine and another drug to control her emotions and anxiety.  

When you first meet Kitty you probably would have no idea that she has issues.  She is super funny, outgoing and friendly.  She loves to entertain and always knows how to make me laugh.  She also knows how to make me cry, yell and lose sleep.  Kitty suffers from anxiety related trichotillomania.  When she gets upset or anxious she will hide in a bathroom either at home or at school and pull her hair out of her head or pull her eyebrows and eyelashes out.  Back in Spokane it was only her eyebrows and eyelashes but now it has spread to the top of her scalp.  She has a very severe case because she started when she was four and hasn’t stopped yet.  Most kids with trich start pulling between the ages of 8-12.  My daughter started when she was much younger and is having a harder time stopping.  

He is my somewhat eccentric, autistic genius with obsessive compulsive tendencies. I think that sentence says it all.  Believe it or not Parrot is my best behaved kid.  He loves to please others and can take care of himself. He also has the cleanest bedroom in my house.

What can I say about Monkey? He is a very difficult child.  I am having him evaluated for ADHD in a couple of weeks.  Monkey does not know how to keep his hands to himself and often tackles, hits, kicks or punches other kids at home and school. He’s been sent to the office at Kindergarten already and I am just waiting for them to send him home for his behavior issues.  He also acts on impulse which can sometimes put him in danger.  For example, he doesn’t understand that it is not safe to run around in a busy parking lot away from mom and dad.  He often gets lost in the grocery store because he will get distracted and stop paying attention to where mom and dad are going.  He does not get along very well with his siblings and parenting this child is very difficult.
So what do you think? Is my home crazy enough for you?? On October 8 I will be taking Goose, Kitty, and Monkey in for evaluations at the Pioneer Center for Human Services in Woodstock, Illinois.  Finally they will get the help that they need and maybe I will become more sane too.

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