Excited About Our New Furniture

When Chris got his new position last May it also came with a pay raise.  We were super excited at the time because we knew that finally we would be able to get off of food stamps, get caught up with some bills that were put on hold and finally replace our old icky furniture that we both have had since before we got married. We had Chris’s grandmother’s old dining set in our dining room.  It was wooden, barley seated all seven of us and food and gunk was stuck on it.  The chairs had cushions but they were disgusting so I threw them out about six months ago.  Last week Chris and I broke down and took advantage of a huge sale at a furniture store downtown and purchased a new dining set.  
The table in our new set is marble and square so it is very modern. It came with eight leather chairs so now we all have a place to sit. The whole set is gorgeous and I am so happy!  When we first got it set up Bear decided to give everyone assigned seats. He remembered everyone in our family and made sure he assigned only one spot for each of us.  He is a smart kid!
Now that our dining room is complete we are thinking about replacing the furniture in the living room and maybe the master bedroom too.  The mattress that Chris and I have is about ten years old, but it is still a pretty good one.  I prefer something soft to lay on like great memory foam mattresses, but for now the one we have is just fine.  Our dressers are old and need to be replaced. I am using the same one that I had when I was in college. I think Chris has had his for nearly 20 years.  Our bed just sits on a frame and nothing else. It would be nice get a new bed.  We should look for a store that has a wide range of metal and wooden beds that way we will find something nice.  However, I think it will be a couple of years before we get new bedroom furniture.
When was the last time you went furniture shopping?  What did you get?  

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