Best After School Activities for Your Child with ADHD

Best After School Activities for Your Child with ADHD

Finding the right activities for your child can be quite difficult if they struggle with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some hobbies just add to the challenges of school by requiring them to sit still for long periods of time with little to no excitement, exacerbating their already tenuous hold on their restraint. Rather than be completely restrained even more, children with ADHD need to both have a way to be active and a structure that helps them to strengthen their self-control. The activity you choose should also be something that they enjoy. If you are having trouble figuring out what would be ideal for your kid to take part in, having a few suggestions might assist you. Here are some of the best after school activities for your child.


Being able to swim is not only a skill that can come in handy in all kinds of life situations, but it can also be a great sport for your child to participate in. They’ll acquire better coordination and be able to use their heart, lungs, and muscles in full-body exercise. Classes and practices can help to direct your kid’s attention towards a goal as they train their swimming styles and compete with peers both informally and competitively. The structure of sessions with an instructor or coach will teach your child to remain concentrated and follow directions in an active and enjoyable atmosphere.


Engaging in the listening and making of music is enjoyable for anyone. For children who have ADHD, music’s rhythm can provide a framework of organization around which they can focus thoughts as well. As they try to stay in synchrony with the beat, they can gain greater self-control while having fun. Music is also an activity that can bring people together, whether to play or listen. If there is a band at school, consider encouraging your child to join. In this context, not only will they learn to follow rhythm, but they’ll also recognize cues in the music where they come in or drop off in relation to their fellow instrument players.

Martial Arts

Enrolling your child in a martial arts class can offer several benefits. Contrary to what it might seem like at first glance, martial arts teach kids to regulate their physical movements as they practice various techniques. In order to execute skills well, correct form is important; it will help them maximize efficiency and prevent injury. Moreover, martial arts also place a significant emphasis on mental discipline and respect for the instructors and fellow students. Your child will learn to interact appropriately with others and create meaningful bonds.

The belt ranking system used in most martial arts also gives children with ADHD a tangible representation of their progress, spurring them to do even better and achieve even higher goals. And, yes, martial arts are not a bad way to let off some pent-up energy either. These classes give your kid a safe context in which to physically exert themselves and get some healthy exercise.

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