7 Things to Help Disabled People Make Life Easier

7 Things to Help Disabled People Make Life Easier

So many things in our day-to-day lives add stress and anxiety, and if you have a disability, even the smallest things can bring on much more stress than they would otherwise. If you want to live a less stressful life, check out these different things that will help disabled people make life easier. Implement some of these simple changes to quickly improve the quality of your life.

Set Up a Medical Alert System

If you’re handicapped, implementing a medical alert system is one of the best things you can do for your own safety. These alarms and alerts will be vital should you ever fall or hurt yourself when no one else is around. If you don’t have a system already, get one as soon as possible.

Find a Certified Home Health Care Aide

Another crucial step to an easier life is utilizing the help of a certified home health care aide. If you live alone or you’re left alone during the day, you need to make sure to find someone who can help take care of you. Finding someone who fits with you may take some time, but an aide can do wonders for relieving any stress or tension you may have had when you were alone.

Keep the Disabled Parking Permit Up-to-Date

If you’re able to drive and you need to travel a lot, then you need to make sure your parking permit is up to date. Check online for a run-down on each state’s guidelines for disability placards. If you don’t drive, make sure you have a handicapped transportation service on speed dial for any time you may need it.

Invest in an E-Reader

This one isn’t a necessity, but it will add a bit more excitement to your day. E-readers can fit comfortably on a wheelchair and provide hours of clutter-free entertainment. You can read, play games, watch movies—whatever you want to do. A tablet is a simple way to add some fun and enjoyment to a day you may not otherwise enjoy.

Think About Getting a Pet

A pet is a great way to lift anyone’s mood. The constant companionship of a pet can do wonders for making life easier for a disabled person. Therapy pets have become a big thing for improving individuals’ moods and lifestyles, soothing stress and anxiety that otherwise may run rampant. If you’re allergic to pets, even taking care of different plants and greenery can help boost your mood as well.

Purchase a Specialized Mattress

If you want to get a more restful sleep, then you should invest in a specialized mattress. There’s a variety of options out there, but some of the best will automatically roll you over every so often to prevent bedsores or regulate your body temperature. It may end up a bit pricy, but it will add a strong sense of relaxation that a normal mattress won’t provide.

Get Social

Being social can be difficult, but it does wonders for making life seem less lonely. Do your best to plan trips to get out of the house, or try to have people come over on a regular basis. An active social life gives you a support system when you really need it. You can also call your favorite transport service and see if they have any fun upcoming trips planned (a lot of them do regularly!).

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