Wordless Wednesday | April Snow

Snow in April? I am sick and tired of the cold weather. I sure wish spring would get here soon! What is the weather like where you are?

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6 Thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday | April Snow”

  1. Oh how sweet! Are they all yours? I love those frozen cheeks when they come inside. I miss that. Enjoy them!

    Thanks for visiting my site. Diana

  2. How cute! Stopping by and following now.


  3. I'm now a "zoo" follower!
    Did we get enough snow this year?? At least the children eat it up- adorable 😀

  4. Cute shot! We had snow this weekend, too. I am over snow.

  5. That has to be so frustrating!

  6. ha! we had to turn the heat on tonight too. luckily no snow here 😉

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