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This is going to be a Wordful Wednesday because I haven’t had much time to update this blog over the past week.  On April 22, Google launched a new update for how websites appear on mobile search. The Healthy Moms Magazine dropped out of the search so I have been busy overhauling the on page SEO to get my rankings back. I lost 2,000 page views a day because of this update. I’m still working hard to get my page views back. So far they haven’t returned yet.  Visit The Healthy Moms Magazine if you want to help me with my page views! I would appreciate the quick click.  

On Thursday night I went to the elementary school’s open house. My kids had their artwork on display in the gym. The school framed all the artwork and was selling them for $20 a piece. But, with three kids and all of our extra spending money going to expenses for the new house, I couldn’t purchase the artwork. I took photos of my kids holding them instead. 

They were very proud of their artwork, especially Monkey.  

Spring has been creaping ever so slowly here in Chicago. The temperatures this past week barely hit over 50 degrees. But, I’ve been braving the cold and waking early in the morning to go for a run. This is my only me time and I need it.  I don’t mind being totally exahusted and ready for bed at 9 pm.  It is a small price to pay in order to get my morning exercise at 6 am. 

 Along with spring comes birds and flowers. The kids and I are enjoying our bird feeder and learning about all the different birds in McHenry County. The other day a male cardinal visited the feeder.

A family of robins also decided to make their home on our light fixture.

I found out recently that a lot more people have been reading this blog than I once thought. It all started with this post, A Bit Gloomy. Word is getting around that I am stressed and people want to help. I appreciate the offer, but the kind of help I need is not what is being offered to me.  The Pioneer Center has a support group for parents. At first that sounded wonderful until I read the flier. “This parenting group provides a safe environment to learn basic parenting skills and resources available to you in the community.”

Wait a minute here, learn basic parenting skills? I have been doing this parenting thing for 18 years now. I write expert articles on parenting over at my professional blog.  I am also working on my first book to be published some time next year. I don’t mean to sound arrogant and rude, but I don’t need help with parenting skills. I just need friends.  I need to go out with the girls sometimes and have a girl friend over for a glass of wine and talk about our lives as young mothers.  That is the kind of support I need. I don’t need advice on how to raise my kids. I think I am doing a pretty good job.

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