Why You Should Not Declaw Your Cat

Why you should not declaw your cat is a question I hear quite often. Of course, declawing your cat has become controversial and it has become necessary to answer the question.

why you should not declaw your cat

The question I hear the most today is: Should you declaw your cat? With the popularity of the cat show “Cat Chat” I find this the most frequently asked question. This show is an excellent show but it has provoked heated controversy and that has given rise to questions.

The controversy has centered on whether declawing your cat will cause pain and long term problems. It is very difficult to assess pain from an animal so it is impossible to know whether the pain will be felt by the animal or the person who plans to declaw your cat.

I believe that if your cat has been declawed and it hurts it may be better to ask your veterinarian to remove the nail. Also, if your cat feels the need to scratch itself will it hurt you?

Cats are no different than humans. They feel pain when things that they are in danger of coming into contact with hurt. To eliminate that fear when it comes to them, if there is a slight possibility your cat could have a cat bone (even a small one) in its mouth, your veterinarian will declaw your cat.

You may find that the whole painful procedure will seem like a small price to pay for your cat’s safety. In fact, your veterinarian will tell you that it is worth the pain for the safety of your cat.

At that point I will say that cats do need to be protected from small things that could hurt them but the same can be said for humans. An unprotected human is still able to get hurt, even with the use of the best medical care.

Most people do not realize that cats love toys as much as humans do. I know it may seem strange to many but cats love their toys just as much as humans love theirs.

So, you will need to decide if this is something you can wait out and it may be a great idea for your cat to also get a new addition to the family to play with, especially if you and your spouse are going to be taking your cat to a veterinarian to have its nails trimmed. It is going to make your life easier to have your pet sit with you in the exam room.

For some owners, these are the words of wisdom you need to hear, but for most it is too painful to hear. If you don’t agree with the declawing you can ask your veterinarian what will happen if your cat does bite you.

When it comes to pain your cat may not need any pain relief at all, so there is no need to worry about this. This is a problem common to most people with pets that are not a stranger to you and your house.

So, why you should not declaw your cat is an interesting question. Yes, it is an interesting question.

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