Treating a Hair Pulling Disorder in Kids

hair pulling disorder in kids

Treating a Hair Pulling Disorder in Kids

If you have a child with a hair pulling disorder, you may be wondering if there is a treatment. Or you may wonder what the next step should be after the initial attempts to control the behavior. After all, you want the disorder to go away – not just disappear.

The first thing you should do when treating a hair pulling disorder in kids is to realize that it isn’t a condition that just goes away. It will persist even after the treatment has stopped. This means you’ll need to keep on keeping on – until your child stops pulling his or her hair.

Once your child stops pulling his or her hair, that’s a good indication that you have effectively treated their disorder. That’s an important first step.

There are some very effective treatments that your child can receive while you’re waiting for the disorder to subside. You want to give your child an excellent chance of recovery because the effects of hair pulling in kids will last for the rest of their lives. The treatments your child receives will determine how successful they are in the future.

One common method of treatment is through prescription drugs. There are several prescription drugs that have shown success in treating this condition. So if you’ve tried these methods, consider these options as alternatives.

These oral drugs often work by cutting off the blood supply to the roots of the hair follicles. This allows the substance to bind tightly to the protein in the root and prevent them from growing out of control. This prevents hair from pulling.

This is a good thing for children who suffer from this condition. They will suffer fewer side effects from these drugs than if they were being treated with other methods. The good news is that these drugs are FDA approved, so your child won’t have to worry about developing any type of addiction.

Some of the most commonly prescribed drugs are for a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is believed that this imbalance can lead to poor thinking and memory. Although not medically proven, this theory is not disproven and many medical experts believe that drugs can cure this condition.

There are also natural remedies available for the treatment of a hair pulling disorder in kids. All you have to do is find one that can help you afford the treatment without causing any side effects.

Natural remedies work because they address the problem at its source – the hair pulling itself. This is important because you want to keep your child from falling prey to the pull again.

It is important that you be open-minded about whether the disorders can be cured. No treatment will work if it doesn’t treat the cause of the problem. Most likely the cause will never be known, so you’ll need to try every treatment you can find to try to find the cause.

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