Facts About Hair Pulling Disorder

hair pulling disorder

Hair pulling disorder is just one of the possible cases of hair pulling disorder. However, it could help you understand that this disorder is real and should be treated as soon as possible. Facts About Hair Pulling Disorder

Many people have a lot of questions when it comes to the question of what is hair pulling disorder. A lot of people wonder why they can’t stop the behavior. And, they are left wondering how to be sure that it won’t affect their children in the future.

Hair pulling disorder can happen to anyone. It could happen to someone who you know very well or it could happen to you if you’re not careful.

You may have your own ideas about what it is and it’s not just another case of hair pulling disorder. But, you can know for sure with the information you will get from an expert on this subject.

There is more than one type of hair pulling disorder. The reason for this is that each type has a different cause and a different solution.

There are three different causes that are linked to hair pulling. These are:

Physiological reasons. These reasons may include:

Trigger issues. These may involve:

Rashes, skin allergies and scalp skin irritation. These symptoms could occur as a result of triggers like:

Hair pulling disorder is not just a result of genetics. It could be a symptom of an illness.

It could also be a manifestation of depression. People with this condition may also experience difficulty in sleeping, irritability, changes in eating patterns, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, etc.

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