Goose says that I don’t write enough about her on this blog. So this post is dedicated to my beautiful teenage daughter, Goose. I promise I will not say anything about the other children.

As I am writing this little Bear is whining and kicking my chair.  Oh I forgot I promised not to mention the other kids.  Next week Goose will finish 10th grade at the local public high school.  This year was challenging for her socially and academically but all in all I am proud of my daughter’s accomplishments.
She has a hard time keeping organized which has led to missing assignments and a lost text book.  By the middle of the year her grades were slipping and Chris and I were worried.  She also struggles with math and so did I when I was her age so I can relate. Unfortunatly I am unable to help her with that subject.  But with hard work and help from my mother-in-law’s friend who is a retired teacher she is ending the year with a C in math.
By the end of the year she will have one A, a couple of B’s and the rest C’s.  Goose worked hard for her grades and I am one proud mom. 
 I also thank the Lord every day that I have a wonderful teenage daughter who is willing to bend over backwards to help me take care of her little siblings while her dad is away on business.  I don’t have any friends or family here so Goose is not only my daughter, but she is my best friend.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  

My dear daughter, Goose,

I love you more than you can ever imagine.  Every day you make me smile and I am proud of all your accomplishments.  You are growing into a beautiful and special little lady.  I don’t know how I can ever thank you for all your help around the house and help with the little zoo animals.  You are like another mother to them and I am certain that the little ones will treasure all the fond memories you are helping them create when you babysit.
Congratulations on finishing 10th grade.  I hope you have an exciting and worthwhile summer.  I love you!


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