Little Bear Humor

The life of a four-year-old is busy, fun and full of surprises. Little Bear has said and done some pretty silly things this past week.  Here is  a little peak inside the life of Little Bear.

Little bear likes everything his way. If it doesn’t go exactly as planned he wants to start over.

At breakfast.

Mom: What do you want for breakfast?
Bear: Oatmeal.
Mom mixes the oatmeal with water and a little brown sugar and heats it up in the microwave. She then pulls it out and stirs it with a spoon.
Bear: Don’t stir it! Start over! Start over!
Mom: Do you want me to put it back into the microwave?
Bear: No.
Mom: Then what do you want me to do?
Bear: Start over!
Little Bear wanted to mix the oatmeal himself. It was too late to start it over.

Little Bear loves being four. Four is his favorite number. At preschool story time he made that well known.

Teacher: How many adults are in the room? Let’s count them.
Teacher and Kids: One, two, three, four adults.
Teacher: How many kids are in the room? Let’s count them.
Teacher and Kids: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. ten, eleven kids.
Little Bear: No I’m not eleven! I’m four! I’m four!

Little Bear loves cars. He plays with his hot wheels cars and loves to look at cars in parking lots. When we were in Florida if he got bored of the beach Chris would take him to the parking lot so he could look at the cars.  Recently, he decided he has a favorite car.

In the parking lot of the library Little Bear said the following.

Bear: Look Mom it’s a Nissan.
Sure enough, he found a Nissan in the parking lot.
Mom: Yes, that is a Nissan.
While standing by the window at home a car passes by.
Bear: Mom, I saw a Nissan.
Mom: Yes you are right, that car is a Nissan. Why do you like Nissans so much? Did you see them on television?
Bear: Yes.
Mom: What show?
Bear: The Voice.
Then it dawned on me. We watch the Voice every Monday and Tuesday night and the biggest sponsor of that show is Nissan.  Now Little Bear can identify Nissans in a parking lot.

Have your kids done or said anything funny this week?

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