Catholic Saints and the Monastic Life

The Catholic Saints is many, and they have been around for over two thousand years. We Catholics are constantly looking for information about these saints. And although the books and museums are expensive, there are so many sites and forums on the Internet that you can always find information about a particular saint or even about several saints.

Catholic Saints

Catholic catechesis has developed from catechism into a mainstay of Catholic education. The catechism now includes the study of saints. It is possible to read more than fifty saints in the Catholic catechism today.

These saints have played a huge part in our history and in the development of our civilization. It is thought that St. Gregory the Great lived during the first centuries of Christianity. He had as his mission to convert the unbelievers and Muslims of his time.

From there, he spread the idea of the veneration of the Sacred Icon. Over the next two thousand years, this devotion spread from the east to the west, becoming even more popular in the modern era. You might be surprised to learn that the icon of Our Lady of Rosary was developed from this veneration of images.

As time progressed, the veneration of religious life became more specific. More saints were born and a new sort of veneration was given to each one. Although the Sacred Scriptures form the core of the Catholic religion, the veneration of saints is an important aspect of the Christian faith.

In time, the veneration of a particular saint became a sort of cult. But even today, there are some Catholics who can’t take the devotion seriously. They have a strange fascination with the fact that they never see any saints around them. In their minds, all they see are pictures of people.

This is far from the truth. Many people venerate saints out of a desire to help others. Saints are very special people. They have done something for humanity that is beyond understanding.

Because of this, their miraculous powers, miracles have always been regarded with reverence. In the Bible, we find a miracle done by St. Joseph. Joseph used his cloth to cover the place where the newborn baby Jesus was born. Later, the disciples found the baby Jesus wrapped in a clean cloth.

If you visit a shrine dedicated to a saint, you will see many miracles occurring. Some will say that it’s just a simple trick of the light. But the Catholic Church believes that this miracle happened because the saint prayed.

In another case, the Virgin Mary used holy water in order to heal a sick girl. She turned water into the word “hail”. Another saint, St. Anselm, used water from the fountain at Perugia, Italy, to heal those who were ill.

Even Saint Anthony, the founder of the Order of Friars Minor, performed miracles. He made people forget the pain of childbirth and soon he became famous throughout Europe. This story is told in the plays “The Turin Horse”Don Giovanni”. These stories are about the value and importance of these saints in the development of the Christian faith.

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