4 Ways To Keep Your Youth Ministry Active This Summer

4 Ways To Keep Your Youth Ministry Active This Summer

Anyone involved in a church’s youth ministry knows that summer is a complicated time. People are traveling for vacation, and recent high school graduates are having their last hurrah before leaving for college. On top of this excitement, you must discern how to keep your youth ministry active this summer without tiring out volunteers before the fall kickoff. We have four ways below to help you do just that.

Organize Outdoor Activities

Many youth groups kick off summer with overnight outdoor activities, such as a trip to the beach or camping in the mountains. If your church doesn’t have the budget for an overnight trip, that’s okay. Outdoor activities such as a day at the lake, day camp on church property, or hiking around a local park will keep your teens excited and occupied. You can plan these local trips as often as schedules permit.

Host Sporting Events

Trips are fun, but they can take a lot of time, volunteers, and financial resources. Hosting sporting events on church property or at local parks can keep students attending your events while using fewer resources. Invite all types of athletes to attend, from people who want to race on roller skates to others who want to play a serious basketball game. Sell refreshments to offset the cost of hosting these events or raise money for bigger fall events.

Consider Indoor Activities

Depending on your location, weather may send you inside during the summer. Don’t let bad weather deter your group from meeting and having a good time. You can host fun indoor get-togethers, such as Bible studies, book clubs, and activity groups. Activity groups could involve musical students practicing together, crafty students making art projects together, or leadership training for students who want to take on more responsibility. You can have student or adult volunteers lead these groups as regularly as schedules permit.

Plan Service Projects

Many Christians believe that they should give back to the communities they’re in. If your church believes that, then you can plan service projects for the summer. Partner with local nonprofits, such as homeless shelters or environmental groups, to give students an opportunity to give back. Plus, local nonprofits may already have staff on-site, which means you’ll need fewer volunteer chaperones.

Students can also volunteer on church property, such as by painting classrooms or planting a community garden, to help their faith community. This selfless giving around your community is one reason why a strong youth ministry is important to your church.

Keeping your youth ministry active this summer will require creativity and planning. However, helping your students have fun, learn about God, and give back to their communities will make all this work worth it.

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