Warning Signs of Teen Suicide

Warning Signs of Teen Suicide Whether your teen is having trouble in school, dealing with a breakup or struggling with peer pressure, it’s important to recognize the warning signs of suicide. Teens who are thinking about suicide often give their loved ones and trusted friends signs they are struggling. As a parent, teacher or friend, it’s your job to pick up on these warning signs and get help. 1. Changes in personality or behavior If your teen or young adult suddenly shows impulsive, unusual behavior, this may be indicative of…

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Teen Suicide Rates Are Rising

Sadly, the teen suicide rate is higher than ever, and it is getting worse for girls, too. According to the CDC, the number of suicides among teenagers rose by 75% from 1993 to 2007. Boys commit more suicides than girls, but the number of female suicides is on the rise. According to Scharf, the rise in female suicide attempts is due to the dramatic increase in the use of screens. However, the cause of the higher teen suicide rate is not clear. While male suicide rates among non-Hispanic non-Hispanics were…

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Preventing Teen Suicide


You may be surprised to learn that preventing teen suicide has become a priority for many parents and school administrators. Some people are quick to point out the obvious, that there is an obvious link between depression and suicidal thoughts and attempts. There are many other factors that come into play however, including school violence and bullying. The bottom line is that teens are not alone in their feelings of despair; this is a problem that affects not only them but their friends as well. There are two types of…

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