One Crazy Summer

Summer is supposed to be lazy, hazy, relaxing and fun.  So far my summer has been exhausting, wild, hyper, and nuts.  I wish I could sum it all up in one post, but I just can not.  The days are flying by way too quickly and I feel guilty because I promised to update this blog every day, which I haven’t.

I guess I didn’t realize that by keeping the kids busy this summer I am also too busy for time to myself.  I should have thought that through before I made my promise to my readers.  For that I apologize.

The summer started off with a bang.  Right after the kids got out of school, on the very last day, we loaded the van and made our yearly trip out to visit my parents in Madison, Wisconsin.  We have a DVD player in the van and the kids had plenty of activities to keep them entertained along the way.  For the most part all the zoo animals were on their best behavior during the drive.  The rest of the trip is another story, for another blog post. Hopefully I can get it up while the trip is still fresh on my mind.  Thank goodness I took plenty of photos to help jog my memory.

I started typing this a week ago (yes I was too busy to even finish one blog post last week), so I will try my best to remember what I was planning on writing.

Last week Goose went on a mission trip to Billings Montana and Chris was in Portland so I was alone with the four younger kids for a few days.  I don’t want to ever do that again!

Wednesday July 17 was Parrot’s 6th birthday.  Even though his sister and dad were gone he still wanted me to make his cake that day and open his presents.  Afterall, it was his birthday.  He doesn’t understand the concept of celebrating a birthday on a different day other than your birthday.  I managed to convince him to open just one present.  I had to give it to him because I hadn’t wrapped any of his presents yet.

He decided he wanted the black bird from Angry Birds on his cake so that morning I printed out an image that I found online.  The cake turned out pretty good, too.  I’ll have to share a photo of it.  I can’t upload it now, though because it is saved on the other computer.  Yes I am very disorganized.

That morning we went to swimming lessons.  After swimming lessons I had to drag all four little ones to the store to pick up some powdered sugar for Parrot’s cake.  We waited in line longer than it took for me to find the powdered sugar.  Once we finally got to the van I noticed that Monkey had a handful of candy bars.  I had to rush the kids back to the store and I made him return the candy bars to the cashier and apologize.  Boy was that embarrassing!

That afternoon while I was cleaning up from making the cake I heard the doorbell ring.  We don’t get visitors that often so I was a little worried when I heard that sound.  I answered the door and saw my neighbor with Monkey.  My naughty little boy packed a back pack with toys and books and attempted to walk to school.  My neighbor found him two blocks away from home.

He needs to be watched all the time, but with four other children and a home to keep up I just can not do that.  My mom is willing to pay for a nanny or baby sitter just for Monkey.  She is worried that one day he is going to take off again and CPS will be called on me and my kids will get placed in foster care.  I am not a bad mother I just have one very naughty, strong-willed- stubborn little boy.

Chris took a look at and found a ton of college kids from our area looking for babysitting jobs.  I think it is time to hire someone.  I am a little embarrassed about it, but I don’t have a choice.

Back to Parrot’s birthday.  We went to t-ball that evening and afterwards Parrot wanted to go to McDonald’s for dinner.  I don’t like feeding my kids fast food, so this was a big treat.  At McDonalds there was a young mother with her one-year-old boy and her mother.  She was very friendly and told us that she had just flown in to Spokane from southern California to visit her mom.

Monkey is very friendly, sometimes overly friendly.  He decided to give the little boy a hug and kiss.  However, being the rough boy that he is, he hugged him so hard that he ended up tackling him to the ground.  Again, I was embarrassed and apologized for his actions.

When we were getting ready to leave the young mom was crouched down by the slide looking up to her son who was in the slide.  Then Parrot came up from behind her and jumped on her.  I told him to get off and apologized.  Again, I was embarrassed.

We finally pulled into the driveway shortly after 7:30 that night.  That was when I discovered that Parrot had left his favorite hat at McDonald’s.  Of course I had to drive back and get it.  Home again at 8:00. We had birthday cake, I gave Parrot his present, we got ready for bed and the kids finally fell asleep around 10pm that night.  I was exhausted.

I wish I could share the rest of the events of last week, but I just don’t have time today.  I need to get the kids ready for swimming lessons.  I must return to my busy, crazy summer.  How is your summer been?

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