Zooisms and Parenting Humor from the Past Year

I’m sorry I haven’t written in here for a while.  With Christmas and Thanksgiving we were pretty busy traveling and visiting family here at the Talbert Zoo. Below is a short video of what we did in 2013. Happy New Year!

  Zooisms from the past week:

Bear: I want more M&Ms!
Mom: No you have had enough sweets.
Bear: But I am a baby!

Monkey: Mom, is your tablet done dying?
(It was on the charger all night so I guess it was done dying!)

Goose:  Parrot why can’t I give you a hug, but you let Mom hug you?
Parrot: Because I love Mom more than you.

I was in the bedroom putting something away when Little Bear approached.
Bear: Mommy turn the light out! Dora is sleeping.

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