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This post is going to be a Word-full post because when I took a closer look I noticed that I haven’t updated this blog in a week. A lot happens in a week here at the Talbert Zoo.

The weather here in Chicago has been cold and rainy for the past couple of days.  If I remember correctly from my 29 years living in Wisconsin this is very typical for October in the Midwest. Last night there was a tornado warning issued about 60 miles southeast of here. I thought that was pretty unusual.

Yesterday was Columbus Day and all the kids were home from school.  Icky weather plus no school equals cranky and bored kids. I got to listen to them complain for most of the day. All they wanted to do yesterday was watch TV or play with electronics.  Because I limit their screen time it didn’t take long for the first kid to begin complaining.

Kitty decided to run for student council at school. She had to make campaign items to pass out to her classmates and on Friday she needs to give a speech.  I am so proud of her. My only hope is that if she doesn’t win she can keep her cool and not throw a fit. We’ll see.  

Kitty has also started learning how to play the guitar.  I had to purchase a guitar for her because the one we have is a full size adult guitar.  She looks so cool with her little guitar.  On Saturdays we go to this little music school downtown and I get to sit in on her private lesson with the adult guitar.  We are having so much fun and this is a great way to bond with my little girl.  I’ll have to post a photo of her with her guitar. 

About a year ago I was able to afford to purchase a new laptop.  It is an HP TouchSmart. The keys are embedded closer to the base of the keyboard than older laptops.  Since Little Bear had become an expert at removing the keys off of my old laptop I was thrilled when I saw the keys on my new one. Unfortunately, the other day he figured out how to rip out the keys from this one. I was able to snap them back in but now the left side shift key doesn’t work right and the slash hash key directly below the backspace will not stay in place.  I am very angry about this. I might have to see about ordering replacement keys.  

I am growing to love it here in Crystal Lake.  My favorite place is our church. The parishioners at St. Elizabeth Anne Seton are very friendly and welcoming.  It is also a busy and active parish with tons of groups and ministries for the parishioners to get involved in.  They have a Little Flowers group for young girls.  It is an alternative to Girl Scouts named for St. Therese “The Little Flower.” Of course I got Kitty involved in Little Flowers. They meet every other Thursday. At the meetings they learn about the saints, pray together, do a craft, sing and have a short adoration in the chapel.  Their meetings are so beautiful and you can feel God’s presence among the little girls there. I cried during the first meeting. Little Flowers has been a blessing for myself and Kitty.  I am making new friends with the moms of the girls in that group.  Making new friends as an adult has been extremely difficult for me, especially after having kids. 

I have so much more to share with my readers about our week, but Little Bear is begging me to make him a snack.  The updates on the rest of the kids is going to have to wait for another post.

Oh, before I forget, do you like my new design? It isn’t complete yet.  All I have left is to create a new button and icon and fix some minor details. As always thanks for visiting!

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