#WordlessWednesday with #linky on a Tuesday – A not so Wordless Wednesday

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I am finding less and less time to update this blog and well, do things that I enjoy. I know I have ranted about my lack of time since we’ve moved to Chicago and the rant continues.  I pray and hope every single day that soon I will have time for the things that I enjoy.  I need to try to accept the way my life is in the here and the now which has been very difficult for me.  I am still dreaming.

Here is what the Talbert Zoo has been up to this past week.

We have been resting a lot more than usual due to illness. Monkey had an ear infection and pink eye. Then Kitty came down with an ear infection. Little Bear got sick one evening and threw up. Chris and I have had a cold for a week now. The only ones who were blessed with good health this past week were Goose and Parrot.

There’s been a lot of celebrating this week for our favorite football team.

Here in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago there is a mixture of Bears fans and Packer’s fans.  If your home state is Wisconsin (like myself) but had to move here for work, you will still be loyal to the Green Bay Packers. But,  the native Chicagoans love their Bears no matter how terrible they play. This year the Bears do not have a very good team.  On Sunday night we stayed up late to watch the Packers soar to victory over the Bears with the final score of 55 to 14.

During the game Chris and Monkey had a little cuddle time.

Chris protested before I snapped this photo, but I took it anyway!

Bear keeps on playing with the camera on my phone and I can’t seem to get the settings to function properly. My photos are a lot blurrier than they used to be. I don’t have time to dig out my real camera and upload photos from it, so my phone will have to do.

I’ve been spending the my days cleaning the house in preparation for my in-law’s arrival from California for Thanksgiving. I enjoy turning a messy bedroom into something spectacular and beautiful like this one.

I won’t let you see the horror of the before photo.

My weekends are spent at the library working on my book. I’ve learned that my writing is much better without the distractions of the kids. However, if I am going to meet the deadline that I set for myself I am going to have to set aside time at home to work on it too. I’ll probably stay up late a few nights.

I am super excited about writing my first book. This book is not going to be available in print. Instead it is only going to be offered on Kindle.  Even though it is just a Kindle e-book, I am hopeful that I will sell enough copies in order to pay for Kitty’s guitar lessons.  Currently, I am dipping into the money that I inherited from my grandmother in order to pay for the lessons. That money is vanishing quickly so I need to get on the ball and complete my project.

What has your family been up to this week?

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