Wordless Wednesday | Close Up #3

Last week’s was a little too easy so I thought I’d attempt to do a more difficult one. However, my camera lens isn’t very powerful. I think I might have to get a better camera.

Last week’s answer. Did you get it right?

What is it?

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8 Thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday | Close Up #3”

  1. Spiral bound notebook?

  2. Got the whisk right, this weeks a bit of a challenge.

    Mary Anne could be right, spiral bound notebook?

  3. Sorry this one is a little blurry. I need a better camera.

  4. Nope! I suck at this. Okay. Um…I like the spiral notebook thing.

  5. Oh my gosh! This is too hard. : ) Is it a light saber? : )

  6. Sue

    Not sure – lights at a baseball field?

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