What Are Teen Suicide Warning Signs?

There are some very common teenage suicide warning signs. Teenagers will go through a range of emotions and behaviors that show signs of deep depression and feelings of being unaccepted by everyone. When a teen attempts to harm themselves or actually injures themselves with acts such as cutting, this is usually a sign that they have thoughts of suicide. Withdrawal from activities and people they once loved can also be a sign that a teen is thinking about suicide.

teen suicide warning signs

There are some distinct signs of teen suicide warning signs. This includes withdrawing completely from society. Teens who are suicidal will often withdraw completely from everything. They will not join clubs, participate in activities, or even talk to their classmates much. They will either spend most of their time at home or will confide in a family member or friend only.

A teenager who is seriously considering suicide should always seek help. There are warning signs when a child is truly seeking help. These include withdrawing from school, going missing, or talking incessantly about wanting to die or hurting themselves. This usually has to do with depression. Other warning signs include: eating or drinking frequently, using drugs or alcohol, not paying attention to chores and family responsibilities, not taking care of important documents, not performing well in school, and/or repeatedly stating that they can’t do anything right.

If you have questions about your teen’s emotional health, seek professional help. Do not be afraid to talk to a doctor about it because your teen may be struggling with something. Your doctor may prescribe an antidepressant for them to take. They may also ask for your assistance in finding the right therapy. Counselors are available to help teenagers and young adults deal with difficult life events like this. They can also help adolescents deal with school issues and possibly with their peer groups.

Teenagers are at an especially high risk for suicide after having many disappointments and setbacks in life. Parents should learn how to identify the warning signs of teen suicide, and talk to their teens about these issues. Some teens will state that they are overreacting to certain situations. Other teens may feel like no matter what they do, there are people out to take away what they think is rightfully theirs.

One of the biggest indicators that your teen may be thinking about suicide is if they avoid all parties or activities that bring them social contact. Your teen may feel like they need to withdraw completely from the world. Another indication is if your teen suddenly becomes very talkative or appears to be obsessed with someone they know but have never met. Some teens will state that if they were to tell the person they are obsessed with that it would make things easier for them to get to work. If you suspect your teen is talking to someone they shouldn’t be talking to, you should find out what they are talking about.

Other warning signs include acting very sad, and very angry out of the ordinary. They may be saying things like they don’t care about themselves and/or feel worthless and not good enough. Others have been known to say things like they wish they were dead, and others may even say that they wish they were dead or had never been born. Teens will often state that they feel like no one understands them, and their life is empty. If your teen is constantly ranting about how much they wish they could leave the world, and how everything is pointless, it may be time to talk to them.

One of the biggest causes of teen suicide is depression. If your teen seems to be withdrawing from friends and family, and has been depressed, see your doctor. There are medications that can help with teen depression, and if necessary, see a therapist. Never ignore a teen’s warnings about something such as their feeling of worthlessness, because it could be the sign of teen suicide.

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