The Best Toys for Children With Autism

The Best Toys for Children With Autism

Whether it’s your own child, a distant family member, or the kid of your best friend, it can be challenging to find toys that are suitable for them. On top of that, if the child has autism, it may be even more difficult to find the perfect present. When you’re shopping for a child with autism, figuring out what type of toy they would enjoy the most is not always an easy process, especially when it’s not your child that you’re buying for. You want to get them something that will benefit their development but also be fun to play with. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best toys for children with autism.

Sensory Toys

These toys are quickly becoming a popular choice for children with autism, particularly those who are younger. Many autistic children have trouble with sensory processing, which deals with the five senses. Figure out which type of stimulus your child is most sensitive to and buy them a toy that helps with it.

Sensory toys that help with this sensitivity come in three types. The first is proprioception, which relates to the child’s sense of their own body. This group includes items like clay, jump ropes, and bean bag chairs. The next is vestibular toys. These types of toys help children with their head positions and movement and include toys like swings and trampolines. The final type is called tactile stimulation; these types of toys help with the sense of touch when dealing with their skin. The best toys in this category are finger paints, sandboxes, and bubble machines.

Educational Toys

There are so many educational toys on the market these days that there are bound to be a few that will benefit children with autism in particular. The key is to figure out what subjects the child is interested in and what subjects they may be struggling with. For example, if they are having trouble talking, get them a toy that helps them understand their letters and words better. If they’re struggling to get along with others, find a toy that encourages sharing. Once you get to know a child’s skill level in greater detail, finding them an educational toy is easy.

Electronic Toys

Thanks to recent advancements in technology, electronic-based toys are more popular than ever. Childproof tablets are a go-to purchase for many gift-givers, but a kid’s smartwatch might be a better option for children with autism. These watches have many tools available for parents that will help them keep better track of where their child is and how they are doing. Plus, they offer many fun options for the kid who’s wearing the watch.

Video games are also great toys for children with autism. They help stimulate their minds in different ways while still being entertaining to whoever is playing them. There are so many kinds of games that are designed to help children develop in different ways. On top of that, video games can help a child improve their hand-to-eye coordination, which can be a major hurdle for some children with autism.

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