The Best Method’s To Enhance a Child’s Memory

The Best Method's To Enhance a Child's Memory

There’s no sure way to tell if it’s you or the kids who are forgetting things. Either way, the first step to change is acknowledging those forgetful tendencies. A few sure ways to improve the memory of your child and yourself are by switching roles and environments frequently. Also, don’t forget to work on visualization skills and start creating some associations and mnemonics!

Acting as the Student

By being the student, you’re allowing yourself to see what your kids know. The way they teach you will show you whether the methods you’ve used to teach them in the past have worked. Allowing your child to lead will allow them to study the material and repeat it aloud while teaching. Being a student is one of the best methods to enhance a child’s memory, and it allows your child to express their creativity.

Using Visualization Methods

When you use visualization methods, you provide your child a chance to imprint things into their memory. For your child, it may be easier to remember a picture or visually work something out. To do this, you can show your child a picture, then invite them to take deep breaths, clear their minds, and revisit the image in their mind.

Making Relatable Connections

Make relatable connections to anything you want your child to remember. To do this, you can spiral previously learned material into each lesson. Or you can give them another reference to jog their memory. For example, if you want your child to remember farms, you may prompt them by saying, “What does Old McDonald have?”

Providing a Multisensory Experience

By providing a multisensory experience, you allow your child’s mind to expand and experience information being encoded in a variety of areas inside their brain! A perfect example would be teaching your child about things to use or stay away from in nature. You could change the environment instead of just showing pictures and talking. Take them outside to see the usable items and demonstrate how to use them, then let your child implement the actions themselves. Sometimes, all it takes is a visit to a new environment to cement knowledge or experiences in your child’s mind.

Playing Games

A straightforward and fun way to enhance your child’s memory is to play games! Now, we’re not talking about the kind of games where you hide something from them, and they miraculously find it. Rather, focus on matching games, Solitaire, or chess, depending on your child’s age and skill level. In addition, any crossword puzzle or game that requires multi-tasking is excellent for memory improvement.

Creating Mnemonics

The best method to enhance a child’s memory, whether short or long-term, is by creating mnemonics. How long have you been out of school, and you still remember, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally? No matter how you felt about math, you recognize that phrase and what it relates to because of how catchy it was. Making mnemonics is a great way to improve your child’s memory through associations and everyday connections. Add one of these things into play or education time daily, and you will see an increase in your child’s memory!

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