Teen Suicide Statistics – Increasing Rates Among Teens

Teen suicide statistics are important to those who are concerned about the issues involved with teen suicide attempts. There are several different resources available to help parents, friends, or even teenagers deal with potential teen suicidal ideations. Better understanding of teen suicide statistics may help put this very serious problem into proper perspective and perhaps even help prevent further tragedies. Suicide is a leading cause of unintentional death among teenagers and children. One of every 5 suicides each year is by a teenager.

teen suicide statistics

Teens often suffer from various kinds of social and emotional stressors that can add to the causes of teen suicide attempts. The most common is hormonal changes related to puberty. They experience significant changes in their emotions and mental health. Other sources of stress can come from peer pressure and bullying at school. There are also other less common causes of suicidal ideations and attempts including depression and abuse.

There has been a great deal of research done on the subject of teen suicide statistics and why they occur. One area that is emerging as a cause is the negative mental health effects of the pressure they face during their years in school. It has been found that those who suffer from depression and excessive stress may be more likely to contemplate suicide. Many times school counselors and psychologists can work with students suffering from mental health issues to improve their coping skills so that they are better able to resist pressure from friends and teachers.

Another factor in teen suicide statistics is the type of schools that they attend. There is a big difference in the leading cause of death between schools that are more liberal and progressive, and schools that are very conservative. There have been studies that show that girls are more likely to attempt suicide than boys. This pattern has been found in both girls and boys. In schools where there are more females, the teen suicide statistics tend to be worse.

There has been an increase in suicides in recent years in schools all over the United States. There are many factors that are known to contribute to this trend including stress and a lack of support from classmates and teachers. The emotional pressure that teenagers face can lead to them feeling that there is no way out of their current situation. They may feel like they are unloved or unwanted. Feeling like they do not have a voice and that everyone is listening to them only makes them feel even worse and can lead to teen suicide statistics.

Other factors in teen suicide statistics include a history of sexual abuse and/or assault. This unfortunately is one of the leading causes of suicide for young people and can be a contributing factor to their mental health problems. Sexual abuse and/or assault in schools are often covered up by teachers and school administrators as “one-time incidents” rather than crimes of substance abuse and/or rape. If left out, the effects on the lives of those who suffer from mental health disorders can be devastating.

The suicide rates in our nation for both boys and girls has been increasing for some time now. The most common time for suicide attempts in teens is during the Christmas and Valentine’s Day holiday seasons. Although the leading cause of death by suicide in these times is mental health issues, the number of teens and young adults committing suicide in other times of the year is also on the rise. Among the several contributing factors to the rising suicide rates in our nation, one of the largest is the increase in our use of drugs and stimulants in addition to the other stressors in our lives.

In order to prevent teen suicides, educators need to address the issues that are known to increase the risk of suicide in young people. Experts agree that the best way to prevent suicide is through a strong relationship between family and friends and a good, supportive group of people who openly discuss issues that are bothering them and how they feel about them. One of the best recommendations from teen suicide statistics and research is to try and get your loved ones talking more often about what they are going through and to increase the communication between family and friends.

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