Suicide Rates Among Teens Are On the Rise

It’s interesting to look at the rate of teen suicide rates in America. In most states across the country, there is an increase in the number of suicides for boys between the ages of 10 and fourteen years old. What exactly is behind this? Is there something more sinister going on? Well, let’s take a look.

teen suicide rates

The suicide rates for both boys and girls have increased for several reasons. One of the biggest contributing factors, perhaps, is that there is now a growing number of kids living with some form of depression. Depression has been shown to be a major contributor in the cases of both teen suicide rates and all kinds of mental health issues. There are several different types of depression, but they all fall under one umbrella: major depression.

This is not to say that everybody who suffers from depression goes on to take their own lives. Many people don’t go through depression, which is why there are so many teen suicide rates. There are other mental illnesses that are being overlooked as teen suicide rates increase. One of those is bipolar disorder, which can show up in teens and adults alike. Bipolar disorder is classified as a mental illness that involves extreme mood swings.

Some people may attribute teen suicide rates to social media use. One of the biggest contributors to this phenomenon is the fact that people now spend more time online. Facebook, MySpace and other social media use are currently the most used media by adults. The amount of time spent on the internet has also been shown to increase depression symptoms. Social media use can lead to feelings of sadness or even hopelessness, which are common symptoms of depression.

What else leads to these trends? Well, one thing that has been linked to teen suicide rates is genetics. There is an obvious genetic link between violent homes and teenagers, and this again can be attributed to the fact that more of these teenagers are spending a lot more time on the internet. The fact of the matter is that most teens now have their own laptop and most take online games. All of these factors combine to make it harder for families to avoid these trends.

Other trends in the United States include an increasing number of cases of what are known as “suicides by pill.” Between the ages of 15 and 24, there was a marked increase in cases of suicide by taking pills. It seems that teens today are using pills to deal with the anxiety they face while facing the challenges of high school and college.

What can you do to help prevent these tragic trends? First of all, it’s important to identify warning signs. Many individuals experience a handful of warning signs prior to a full-blown suicide attempt. If you think your teen may be thinking about ending his or her life, you should talk to them. Even if you never experienced anything like this, it is comforting to know that others have and you can work toward helping them through this difficult time.

The best way to decrease teen suicide rates is to address mental health issues. Unfortunately, most schools don’t go to counseling services and in most instances, teens have no means to get this help. Counseling is critical, because it helps kids gain a sense of purpose and a new commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. This commitment can go a long way towards preventing suicide attempts. In the end, preventing suicide becomes a collaboration between parents, schools, and mental health professionals. If you believe that your teen is struggling with depression, exhaustion, social awkwardness, or any other mental health issues, it’s important to get them to see a specialist as soon as possible.

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