My Kids Are Naughty Little Brats

I love my kids but for some reason they are naughty, stubborn, disrespectful and can care less what I say or how I feel. They are going to do whatever the hell they want anyway. Mom is not important.

I am pissed!

This afternoon while I was upstairs putting away laundry and organizing the boys’ dresser the kids got into the pantry, smeared peanut butter all over the dining room table, dumped out a package of pudding, broke two photo frames, scattered an art set all over the living room floor and scattered their snow clothes all over the play room. I screamed and yelled at them all and probably said a few words that I shouldn’t have and they all acted like it was no big deal that mom was upset.

I said over and over again that they all had to clean up their mess downstairs but nobody budged. I yelled, I took away the computer and the wii but still they didn’t care or listen. The only thing that they managed to clean up was the art set but that was after I yelled.

I don’t know what to do. My kids are spoiled little monsters and I am sick of it. If they can’t respect me, then I guess I won’t respect them.

Until they learn how to listen to me and clean up their messes I am not going to let them play outside, play computer games, play with the wii, or watch TV. I am sick of this crap and it has to stop. I can’t leave them alone for a minute.

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