List of Saints and What They Protect

A list of saints and what they protect is a powerful weapon in one’s battle with the demonic world. It is the most valuable tool you have in your arsenal in the fight against the Devil and his demons. You can use this weapon to create a strong bond with your God or Goddess of choice and strengthen your relationship. Using this weapon will help you protect yourself from the demonic forces that will always be out to attack you.

This is a very deep and meaningful thing to do and it will give you great joy as you learn more about the saints and what they protect. You can develop your own list of saints and what they protect and then begin to protect them with prayer, devotion and confidence. You can do this as many times as you like, as often as you like, for as long as you wish.

The list of saints and what they protect is not just something that can be created in the “day time” but rather can be developed over time through daily devotion to them. You need to become very familiar with their holiness and how they live their lives.

You can start with their names and use those names as you pray daily to them. You can add more names to your list as you gain experience. As you pray daily, you will find that you will begin to see the importance of the saints and what they protect. You can do a little more work on your list as you get more experience.

In your daily devotions, you will find that there is great joy in doing so. You will find that the Holy Spirit will teach you more about the saints and what they protect. You will begin to receive guidance and the Holy Spirit will direct you in the direction you need to go.

Saint Elizabeth was the second wife of King Henry VIII. She was the mother of three children. Elizabeth was a remarkable woman who did not take her role as a mother lightly.

When the Holy Ghost taught her to protect her children, she became known as the “Bloody Mary.” She did many things for the Church, for the poor and also for women. She became a model for other mothers and a saint for women around the world.

You won’t sit idly by and let the wicked temptations of the demons and Satan take you. If you don’t protect your family and yourself, you are allowing Satan to do his work. The God of heaven doesn’t tolerate this.

The Lord has given us the Spirit so that we can be a light to those who are in darkness and a sign of hope to those who persecute us. This power is available to you, so you can arm yourself with this powerful weapon.

The list of saints and what they protect is a powerful weapon to use. It is a joy to devote time and prayer to this list every day. The greater the joy, the greater the protection that is being given to you.

In a very real sense, this list of saints and what they protect is a powerful weapon for your personal protection. If you were to put this list into use right now, you would find a great and immediate protection in the protection it gives to you. I encourage you to use this list to protect your loved ones and to share this list with others who will benefit from the protection it gives.

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