I Have an Addiction

I think I need to check myself into rehab, if there is a rehab for what I am addicted to. It started last night and now I need help.

Kitty takes my phone without my permission regularly.  Yesterday afternoon while I was doing housework she took my phone. When I finally got it away from her I noticed that she downloaded 7 apps.  Of course this was also done without my permission. Fortunately they were all free.

This is what she downloaded:
Farting Fred
Fashion Story
Hill Climb Racing
Little Ear Doctor
Minion Rush
Temple Run 2
and Whoopee Cushion

I began looking at these apps and learned that Farting Fred is an obnoxious app designed for 9-year-old boys. Farting Fred will be uninstalled this afternoon. Hill Climb Racing is a dumb racing game. You are in a jeep and you have to drive up hills. I don’t really know the point of this app. Hill Climb Racing will also be uninstalled this afternoon. In the Little Ear Doctor app you take these tools and clean out people’s ears. Again I find no point in this app so it will also get uninstalled.  The Whoopee Cushion, is well, just a whoopee cushion; another pointless app which will get uninstalled.  I didn’t have time to take a look at Minion Rush or Temple Run 2 because I got side tracked with my new addiction.

When I opened up Fashion Story, I saw a bright light and heard the angels sing “Alleluia!”   I swear this is the coolest, most fascinating and entertaining app that I have ever seen or played.  You run a fashion boutique and sell all kinds of cool clothing and accessories to your customers.  The object is to keep your customers happy while making a ton of money.

In order to run your shop you have to order items to fill the racks and shelves. Some items take a minute or two for the order to process while others take hours.  I am constantly looking at my phone because I must check on my new boutique.  Curse you, Kitty for getting me addicted to a stupid app!  Actually, the creators of this app are brilliant because they’ve hooked me in.

Do you let your kids play with your phone? Do you play games on your cell phone?

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