I am Going To Lose My Mind

I decided to take a break from Wordless Wednesday today. We have been super busy and I haven’t had the time to update this blog like I should.

Goose has been busy with choir. She had a festival yesterday and got home after 8pm. The co zoo keeper is out of town this week so I had to pile all the little ones in the van and pick goose up from school.

That was an adventure! When I got to her school, Parrot was throwing a fit because he wanted to get out of the van. I told him over and over again that we were going to stay in the van and wait for Goose. Instead of listening to me he said, “Get me out of here! Get me out of here!”

While Parrot was complaining Kitty started singing a song about how he is driving her crazy, “Your driving me crazy I’m going to lose my mind.”

Monkey thought that everyone was being silly and he just laughed. And Bear was crying the whole time. I think I was about to lose my mind!

But we managed to make it home and everyone went to bed.

I am sitting here typing, drinking my coffee brewed from my new coffee maker, and looking around at the messy house that I should clean up before my husband comes home tomorrow. I think I will have one more cup of coffee first.

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One Thought to “I am Going To Lose My Mind”

  1. I think the extra cup of coffee is just what you need before you take on the house!

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