How To Set Up the Perfect Bath for Your Baby

How To Set Up the Perfect Bath for Your Baby

Bath time is an essential part of your baby’s schedule, but many new parents are not sure how they should be setting those baths up. Every baby is different, which means every bath might be different too—and that’s okay. However, there are some bathing standards that should make bath time easy for you and your baby, even if you’re a nervous new parent or your little one has sensory issues. Keep reading to learn how to set up the perfect bath for your baby.

Choose the Right Space

The setting you choose for your baby’s bath is especially important. You want to set it up in a warm room away from distractions, so you can focus on your baby and they don’t get cold going into or coming out of the tub. The tub should be on a flat surface you can easily reach while you stand or sit, and there should be some form of storage space nearby so that you can easily reach bath supplies without taking a hand off your baby.

Pour the Bath

Unlike older children and adults, babies don’t need a lot of water for their bath. Fill the tub until you can measure around two inches of water in the bottom and leave the rest empty. This allows your baby to safely experience water without getting overwhelmed, overheated, or cold. While you can pour some bubbles in with the water, don’t let the bubbles add more than an extra inch to the top of the water. Keep the water around 100 degrees Fahrenheit for ideal comfort.

Keep Supplies Close By

As we mentioned in the section about choosing the right space for the bath, you’ll need some bathing supplies for your baby. The baby tub is the most important supply, since your little one is too small for a standard bathtub and won’t get the support they need in a sink or other kind of basin. You’ll also need a soft washcloth, baby soap, and shampoo. Keep a soft towel, clean diaper, and baby wipes nearby so that you can immediately dry your baby off and get them covered after the shower.

Set a Schedule

Some new parents think baths are stressful and only run them two to three times a week, which is the recommendation unless your baby gets dirty. However, baths can help your baby sleep at night, so even if they don’t need the entire cleaning treatment of a bath, a warm soak can offer many benefits. All they need is about five minutes, so relax with your baby as you get them ready for bed, and watch this nighttime routine do wonders for their sleep habits.

Setting up the perfect bath for your baby can feel overwhelming, but if you break it down step-by-step as we did, you’ll be fine. Choose the right space, pour a good bath, keep your supplies close by, and set up a consistent bath schedule, and you and your baby will be all set.

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