How to Set Up a Business and Make Cats Suffer at Your Own Pet Sitting Service

For those unfamiliar with the term, cat sitting is the act of taking care of a cat for a certain period of time. Typically this is done at someone else’s house, but can also happen at a pet sitting location of service or business. While there are some people who work exclusively as pet sitters, there are others who work at an agency that hires them and others who work on an as-needed basis. Sitters will often receive a specific schedule and may be asked to pick up and drop off pets as required. They may also be asked to take care of the litter box and may not be asked to do any other work.

cat sitting

Some agencies hire only experienced cat sitters who are familiar with the area and who can be trusted with providing the right care for the cat. A very important thing for an individual to realize before taking on the responsibility of caring for a cat is that they must be equipped both mentally and physically to care for a cat on a daily basis. The mental capability includes being able to stay calm and assertively handle various cat care responsibilities; the physical ability includes having the proper equipment for the job including gloves and shampoo.

When considering a career as a cat sitter, it is important to understand the most common types of jobs. Many individuals find the task to be lucrative and enjoyable while others prefer to take their careers with a job in a boarding facility or with the vet’s office. Those who spend a great deal of time with their pets at home prefer to work in an in-home environment because they have more flexibility with their schedule. However, those who take their animals to a vet’s office are usually happier working in an office environment. Both jobs offer very similar benefits, and the nature of each job is suited to the individual needs of the cat sitting business owner.

An individual can choose to offer a variety of cat-sitting services to meet the unique needs of their clients. For example, a person may work only two to three-day visits to their clients’ homes. On these short visits the service provider will assess the physical condition of the home’s cats and will assess the frequency of cat-related activities within the home.

There are several steps involved in becoming a cat sitter. To begin with, one must acquire a legitimate photo ID. The process of acquiring this photo ID can take up to a month to complete. Once an individual obtains their photo ID, they should verify their name and address through a website established by the International Pet Registry Board. Next, cat sitters should submit a resume and/or cover letter proving their knowledge of and interest in cats. This should include references and a statement that highlight their understanding of the perfect companion parrot.

One should look at their own personal hygiene habits before sending off for any pet sitting assignment. Since a cat sits on the lap of a human, it is necessary to bathe and cleanse the sitter’s hands thoroughly prior to sitting on any of the cats. The process of grooming will be undertaken in several stages depending on the length of time the cats will spend at a client’s residence. These stages include washing the hand with mild shampoo and rinsing the mouth and eyes with water. After the final cleaning stage is completed the pet sitter should rinse their hands thoroughly.

To ensure a successful cat-sitting experience, one should upload their photos to Instagram. A cat sitting gig will not go viral, if there is no actual picture to go with it. Photos taken from different vantage points can capture the attention of cat owners all over the world. It is important to update Instagram every week to share new photos captured during the week. In addition, the person doing the gig will want to post a link to their website where potential clients can learn more about the services they are offering.

Other services offered may include cat-sitting for corporate events. This service would be ideal for event planners who are looking for talented individuals to care for their cats during the event. A search of the internet can yield an endless list of corporate events that would be ideal for pet-sitting. Many owners who own multiple cats look for someone to care for their feline friends at various events throughout the year.

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